SYKES Listed as a Best BPO Service Company

SYKES Listed as a Best BPO Service Company

Congratulations to Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SYKES) for being named in the Best BPO Service Companies of 2021 list presented by! SYKES was chosen for this award based on our voice services, non-voice BPO/back-office services, and for our innovative social media marketing.

According to, which nominates and selects organizations to be added to the list, companies are chosen based on their ability to go above and beyond in their services to partners and clients, stating: “To create our list of the best BPO services, we focused on what’s most important, including multiple service lines, size of firm, and industry focus.” SYKES has continued to expand and add new, beneficial services for partners and has frequently been recognized globally for the company’s ability to serve clients of any size or industry.

To be nominated for the list, companies are first singled out based on a rigorous selection process that measures both front- and back-office performance, the size of each firm, as well as each individual industry focus. Selecting from a pool of 70+ business process outsourcing (BPO) providers and spending more than 40 hours researching the industry, chose SYKES alongside 14 other providers that have demonstrated excellence in their respective business segments.

One of the major benefits of working with SYKES over competitors, according to, is the company’s ability to scale to meet the needs of any partner or industry. As stated in the award featurette, “(SYKES) has the staff, technology, and organizational infrastructure to adapt to a wide array of client needs, whether they need a traditional contact center or home-based service.”

SYKES is proud to receive this award as recognition of all the hard work and dedication from our teams all over the world. It is only through the dedication of our employees that we’re able to deliver such outstanding service to our partners and clients, and we’re proud to work with an award-winning workforce made up of some of the greatest people and minds in the industry.

SYKES is always looking for new ways to benefit our partners and their clients and customers. To see other recent awards won by SYKES, you can visit our awards page. Additionally, if you’re looking to find out what our award-winning service can bring to your organization, you can find more information about the benefits of partnering with SYKES here.