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SYKES Recognized by South Carolina Division of Labor

SYKES Recognized by South Carolina Division of Labor

Congratulations to the SYKES location in Kingstree, South Carolina, for earning the Palmetto Shining Star Safety Award from the South Carolina Division of Labor. Presented at a reception attended by area business leaders, the award highlights leadership achievements in promoting the health, safety, and economic well-being of SYKES employees at the Kingstree site, as well as in the community. Specific achievements cited in the award included a 60% annual reduction in safety-related incidents, an incident rate that is 75% below the annual average for South Carolina, and its community outreach programs. To be considered for a Palmetto Shining Star award, employers must either record zero workplace injuries over a million safe work hours or go a full working year without any instances of time-losing injury or illness.

Alongside the Sumter, South Carolina, office, the SYKES Kingstree location has been in operation over a decade. Over the past few years, the SYKES Kingstree location has won multiple other Palmetto Shining Star Safety awards due to their concern for safety, and they have continued to maintain their stellar record of compliance, security, and attention to detail in the time since.

Our global organization would like to express our gratitude to SYKES Kingstree for consistently providing and maintaining an award-winning, safe, and equitable working environment for employees. Their actions are an excellent representation of our company-wide commitment to producing outstanding experiences for both our customers and our employees, and we couldn’t be more impressed by their dedication to putting people first.

SYKES is constantly looking for new ways to keep our employees, customers, and partners safe through our award-winning security and compliance programs. The SYKES security organization focuses on people, process, and technology to ensure that operations always function safely.

If you’d like to learn more about SYKES’ commitment to safety, you can download our security fact sheet here.