SYKES Germany: Best Service, Huawei Legend Awards

SYKES Germany: Best Service, Huawei Legend Awards

Congratulations to the SYKES Germany team for winning the 2019 Huawei Legend Award for Best Service.

Team members include:

  • Martina Alm
  • Matthias Klaas
  • Hussein Mohamed
  • Thi Phuong Khanh Nguyen (Emilia)
  • Britta Langowski
  • Pascal Krufft

These team members have earned this distinction due to their continued commitments to helping others and providing top-quality service in their daily work.

This recognition from the Huawei Legend Awards affirms SYKES Germany’s status as a customer service leader in the country. SYKES Germany provides world-class customer service to leading brands in industries such as telecommunications, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, technology, and insurance services. With 24/7 agent availability and the capacity to support in many languages, SYKES Germany is a trusted business process outsourcing (BPO) partner that keeps customer service operations running seamlessly.

SYKES Germany employs more than 2,500 of SYKES’ 55,000+ employees globally. Agents in Germany are able to provide support in German, English, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, and other European languages. Since it began operations in 1997, SYKES Germany has provided customer service, back office, and technical support; sales; and social media customer care.

SYKES Germany has five offices throughout the country, located in Berlin, Bochum, Solingen, Pasewalk, and Wilhelmshaven. Beyond these five offices, SYKES Germany also has a well-established SYKESHome team. SYKESHome is SYKES’ home-based service options that provides brands with flexible customer service operations and provides employees with remote working opportunities.

SYKESHome allows for optimized recruiting without geographical limitations. The SYKESHome platform has connected thousands of employees with opportunities over the past two decades, and SYKES Germany has been a successful adopter of the program.

In addition to this award, SYKES Germany has also been recognized by a telecommunications equipment brand partner for excellence in chat services. Across all aspects of customer care, SYKES Germany is committed to providing quality service that supports SYKES’ mission of helping people, one caring interaction at a time.

To learn more about SYKES’ operations in Germany, visit SYKES Germany’s site or download the SYKES Germany fact sheet.