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SYKES Employee Recognized by ECCCO for Award

SYKES Employee Recognized by ECCCO for Award

The European Confederation of Contact Centre Organizations (ECCCO) honored SYKES employee Alice Donaldson with the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards.

The ECCCO was formed in 2002 and represents customer support centers across Europe, influencing and guiding businesses to best practices. Some of its major aims including promoting the exchange of collective knowledge and information and developing and promoting quality standards — including sustainability measures to foster economic, environmental, and social growth.

Alice’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is the epitome of SYKES’ belief in supporting social impact. Worldwide, we are committed to promoting an equal, diverse, and connected community that offers every employee a space to learn and grow.

SYKES’ social sustainability efforts are seen all over the world, from our universal focus on gender equality to region-specific impact initiatives, such as SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT), Leadership Evaluation and Advancement Program (LEAP), and Mid-Level Leadership (MLL) Mentor Program. Our emphasis on personal growth and education for our employees, their families, and the communities in which we operate are just a part of what attracts top-tier talent, like Alice, to SYKES.

Congratulations, Alice, and thank you for living out our values!