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El Salvador Named Embajador Destacado by Termoencogibles

El Salvador Named Embajador Destacado by Termoencogibles

SYKES El Salvador has been named Embajador Destacado (Outstanding Ambassador) by the company Termoencogibles’ Recicla 503 program. Companies earn this esteemed recognition through their commitment to sustainability and reducing pollution. SYKES El Salvador has done an excellent job at going green, using Eco Boxes, and reducing waste.

Since beginning operations in 2004, SYKES El Salvador has grown to employ more than 3,500 employees at two sites in San Salvador. Employees of SYKES El Salvador provide exceptional customer service and technical support to leading brands in travel, healthcare, technology, finance, and communications.

This recognition from Termoencogibles affirms the tremendous work of SYKES El Salvador and the efforts that employees have made toward creating great environmental impact. Around the world, SYKES has developed environmental sustainability programs that have also been adopted in El Salvador and have made significant contributions toward developing a cleaner and greener Earth.

In an initiative unique to El Salvador, SYKES has created the ComprometeRSE program, which was designed to aid in environmental impact as well as the reduction of poverty and inequality within the country of El Salvador. The program is based on the United Nations guidelines and ISO 26000 standards, and has been widely recognized for its achievements.

ComprometeRSE facilitates programs that minimize the impact of the company’s operations on the environment. Since 2008, SYKES has put a greater focus on conserving water, energy, paper, and other resources in El Salvador’s facilities.

In addition, SYKES El Salvador has launched a recycling program that is also open to the community. The company has also set up green initiatives that include the installation of 2,000 square meters of solar panels, eco-friendly products, and programs for water and paper use reduction.

Through these programs, SYKES El Salvador has reduced water waste by over 50% and diesel consumption by up to 80%. Through energy conservation programs, SYKES El Salvador has reduced CO2 emissions by 200 tons per year.

To learn more about SYKES’ operations in El Salvador, view SYKES’ fact sheet.

To learn more about SYKES’ global initiatives for sustainability, including programs supported by SYKES El Salvador, visit the sustainability section of