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SYKES El Salvador Earns Best Energy Efficiency Award

SYKES El Salvador Earns Best Energy Efficiency Award

For the fourth year in a row, SYKES El Salvador has won the country’s national prize for energy efficiency. Awarded by the Consejo Nacional de Energia (National Energy Council), the recognition honors public and private initiatives to achieve better energy usage across five categories.

SYKES won first place in “Best Energy Efficiency Project by Big Industry” for installing 2,000 solar panels on three office-building rooftops. The photovoltaic plant has cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 500 tons. As a result of the win, SYKES El Salvador received more than $13,000 in energy-measuring equipment from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), a thermographic study and drone inspection, and an energy study from the Development Bank of El Salvador (Bandesal).

This recognition from the Salvadoran government recognizes the significant efforts that SYKES El Salvador has put forth toward creating a positive environmental impact in the country. Along with the installation of solar panels, SYKES El Salvador has also participated in recycling programs, reforestation projects, and other energy conservation initiatives.

SYKES El Salvador runs a program called ComprometeRSE, a social responsibility initiative that brings employees together in the company’s collective efforts on environmental impact. This program has also encouraged employees to reduce paper waste and conserve energy at SYKES’ building locations in El Salvador. More than 1,700 employees have volunteered their time to participate in beach and lakeshore cleanups, sea turtle releases, and other activities that support environmental awareness and impact.

In addition to this award, SYKES El Salvador has been recognized as an Outstanding Ambassador by the company Termoencogible’s Recicla 503 program. This award recognized SYKES El Salvador for their commitment to reducing waste and pollution, and the company’s overall commitment to sustainability.

Moving forward, SYKES El Salvador will continue their commitments to environmental, social, and economic sustainability through the development of new programs. SYKES is proud to support sustainability programs in Latin America and our other locations worldwide as we work to play a role in creating a cleaner Earth.

To learn more about SYKES’ environmental sustainability efforts, visit the Sustainability section of

SYKES - El Salvador Earns Best Energy Efficiency Award SYKES - El Salvador Earns Best Energy Efficiency Award