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SYKES Women in Technology Honored in Costa Rica

SYKES Women in Technology Honored in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican-North American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) recognized the SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT) program with a “Social Responsibility in Action” honorable mention. AmCham established its Social Responsibility in Action awards program, now in its 21st edition, to encourage and celebrate companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to integrating socially responsible practices as priorities in their business.

This recognition from the Costa Rican-North American Chamber of Commerce further affirms SYKES’ commitments to supporting female employees. The SWIT program, founded in 2016, empowers women within the organization to enhance their technology skill sets through advanced instruction.

SWIT is a gender-equality program that aims to increase inclusion in technologically focused accounts, where participation by women is traditionally low. SWIT participants — including SYKES employees, as well as other students — are enrolled in the SYKES Tech Academy, where they receive advanced technical education and skills. Through SWIT, female enrollment in the Tech Academy is increasing significantly. This achievement has been celebrated across the organization and will serve as motivation as the program continues.

The SWIT program awards scholarships to attend SYKES Academy, and provides opportunities to local Costa Rican high school students. Through the SWIT program, many women at SYKES have earned promotions to technical accounts.

SYKES has previously been recognized in Costa Rica for its business contributions in the local community. In 2017, SYKES received recognition from the Costa Rica Chamber of Industries for Management of Human Talent and Customer Management and Markets. This Award of Excellence noted the impacts of SYKES Academy and SYKES Tech Academy, which assist Costa Ricans in developing valuable language and business skills that prepare them for opportunities in a range of industries, including customer service.

SYKES Costa Rica is proud to receive recognition from local governing organizations for its ongoing commitment to create opportunities for professional development and advancement through programs like SYKES Academy, SYKES Tech Academy, and SYKES Women in Technology.

Learn more about the social sustainability programs supported by SYKES Costa Rica here. General information can be found about SYKES Costa Rica by visiting