SYKES Costa Rica Recognized for Environmental Performance

SYKES Costa Rica Recognized for Environmental Performance

SYKES Costa Rica has been recognized as a leader in environmental practices, holding the Costa Rican government’s five-star Ecological Blue Flag Award for all SYKES facilities in the country, including the Heredia, Moravia, Hatillo Centro, and San Pedro locations. The awards recognize SYKES for using best environmental practices based on the ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 frameworks for environmental and energy management, including certification of carbon neutrality, solar energy generation, rainwater collection and water conservation systems, and other steps to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

SYKES began operating in Costa Rica in 1999 and has more recently increased its environmental sustainability efforts through initiatives such as installing solar panels, facilitating recycling programs, and using eco-friendly products. Along with other SYKES locations, facilities in Costa Rica are running partially on renewable energy. With these programs in place, SYKES Costa Rica has established itself as a leader in creating positive environmental impact within local communities.

SYKES is honored to receive this award from the Costa Rican government and is proud to support environmental sustainability initiatives around the world. As SYKES works toward creating a cleaner Earth, environmental sustainability will continue to be a focus for the global organization. To read more about this specific achievement, visit the news article published by El Financiero.

SYKES Costa Rica is highly involved in many types of sustainability efforts, in addition to its commitments to environmentalism. The SYKES Academy and SYKES Tech Academy programs both operate in the country and offer Costa Ricans the opportunity to learn English, as well as technical skills, to prepare for job opportunities.

These programs have been widely recognized in Costa Rica and have received prestigious honors from the Costa Rica Chamber of Industries for Management of Human Talent and Customer Management and Markets. SYKES’ programs for social, environmental, and economic sustainability are continually developing and are made successful from the hard work of thousands of employees.

Discover more about SYKES’ global efforts toward sustainability by visiting the sustainability section of, or navigate to the environmental sustainability page to learn about the initiatives that led to SYKES Costa Rica’s recognition for superb environmental performance.