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SYKES Costa Rica Recognized for “Living Integration”

SYKES Costa Rica Recognized for “Living Integration”

SYKES Costa Rica is honored to receive the “Living Integration” recognition from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis. Since 2013, SYKES has actively contributed to the “Living Integration” program, which promotes the training and employability of people in refugee status. Through the program, SYKES has evaluated more than 250 candidates and hired 50 people who were in refugee status.

SYKES Costa Rica began operations in the country in 1995, and currently employs 5,600 employees at five sites. SYKES employees in Costa Rica provide exceptional customer service to leading brands in technology, finance, communications, and retail.

Employees at SYKES Costa Rica are eligible to participate in SYKES’ benefit and development programs, which include the Leadership Evaluation and Advancement Program (LEAP) for internal promotions, engagement activities, and the Wellness 360 program. SYKES Costa Rica also promotes volunteering and has consistently recognized that more than 30% of the workforce participates in volunteering events each year.

Over the past several years, SYKES Costa Rica has been recognized multiple times for its efforts toward social, environmental, and economic sustainability. In 2018, SYKES was recognized with three Awards of Excellence from the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica in the categories of Human Talent, Customers and Markets, and Leadership and Strategic Planning. These awards recognized SYKES Costa Rica’s ongoing efforts to assisting local citizens in developing language and business skills.

SYKES’ other efforts in Costa Rica include SYKES Academy, a language learning program for Costa Rican citizens that connects graduates with job opportunities at SYKES. Since the academy’s founding, 7,000 students have graduated. The language skills learned at SYKES Academy allows graduates to work for multinational corporations.

In addition, SYKES Costa Rica provides technical education to students and existing SYKES employees through SYKES Tech Academy. The program was developed to assist individuals in gaining technical skills that will allow them to work in technical roles in local markets.

Overall, SYKES Costa Rica remains committed to developing opportunities for its employees. SYKES’ continued recognition as a business leader in Costa Rica affirms the tremendous work performed by all employees of SYKES Costa Rica.

To learn more about the operations of SYKES Costa Rica, visit our Fact Sheet.