SYKES Costa Rica Receives Awards of Excellence

Award Type Sustainability
Awarded By Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce
Year Awarded 2017

In Latin America, SYKES Costa Rica received two Awards of Excellence from the Costa Rica Chamber of Industries for Management of Human Talent and Customer Management and Markets. The awards recognize SYKES’ leadership in helping Costa Ricans develop valuable language and business skills through our English and Technical Academies. Approximately 10,000 adult students have graduated from the English Academy, with 7,500 earning jobs with SYKES. The Technical Academy enrolls about 500 students per quarter, teaching important technology skills that increase employability and success on the job. Guided by a mission that gives employees an opportunity to “work, learn and grow,” SYKES fosters a work environment that instills pride and builds confidence. The awards also recognize SYKES as a leader in customer management that helps strengthen Costa Rica’s industry and increases the country’s competitive position in the global market.