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SYKES Costa Rica Receives Awards of Excellence

SYKES Costa Rica Receives Awards of Excellence

In Latin America, SYKES Costa Rica received two Awards of Excellence from the Costa Rica Chamber of Industries for Management of Human Talent and Customer Management and Markets. The awards recognize SYKES’ leadership in helping Costa Ricans develop valuable language and business skills through our English and Tech Academies.

Since the program’s founding, approximately 10,000 adult students have graduated from the SYKES English Academy, with 7,500 earning jobs with SYKES. The SYKES Academy program also serves students in other regions of Latin America, in addition to the Philippines, Romania, and Egypt.

The Tech Academy enrolls about 500 students per quarter, teaching important technology skills that increase employability and success on the job. Students of the academy gain highly valuable technical skills that prepare them to obtain internationally recognized technical certifications.

The Tech Academy also supports programs like SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT), a gender-equality program that develops talent for technical accounts supported by SYKES Costa Rica. This program empowers women and connects them with roles in technological accounts where female participation is traditionally low.

Programs such as SYKES Academy, SYKES Tech Academy, and SYKES Women in Technology provide valuable learning opportunities to local communities in Costa Rica. The technical and language skills gained through these programs assist in developing long-term careers at multinational companies, including career opportunities at SYKES.

SYKES Costa Rica began operations in 1999, becoming the first call center in the country. Guided by a mission that gives employees an opportunity to “work, learn, and grow,” SYKES fosters a work environment that instills pride, builds confidence, and fuels an appetite for lifelong learning. The awards from the Chamber of Industries for Management of Human Talent and Customer Management and Markets also recognize SYKES as a leader in customer management. This recognition helps strengthen Costa Rica’s industry and economic opportunity and increases the country’s competitive position in the global market.

SYKES has also been recognized by the Chamber of Industries in Costa Rica, including an award from the International Congress of Excellence, and has received the Costa Rican government’s Ecological Blue Flag Award. To learn more about SYKES’ operations in Costa Rica, visit