SYKES Colombia Wins Best Multichannel Strategy at 2020 CX Interaction Awards

SYKES Colombia Wins Best Multichannel Strategy at 2020 CX Interaction Awards

Congratulations to SYKES Colombia on receiving a silver award in the Best Multichannel Strategy category at the 2020 CX Interaction Awards! Presented in late 2020 via a virtual ceremony, these awards recognize the best of the best in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, and companies are carefully selected based on their customer interactions, performance, and overall success in the region. SYKES Colombia was selected due to their outstanding projects and omnichannel delivery to create outstanding outcomes for customers.

In addition to their incredible work in customer experiences (CX), SYKES Colombia was also recognized for optimization, improvement, and careful monitoring of their omnichannel support strategy. Due to the hard work and diligence of the SYKES Columbia team, they have successfully honed and improved each channel for greater stability — and boosted their overall customer loyalty metrics as a result. By letting customers choose their preferred channel, and offering support experiences across more than just email or voice chat, SYKES Columbia has been able to consistently and successfully produce excellent experiences for their customers and partners regardless of how they choose to connect.

The annual CX Interaction Awards are a unique way elevate and recognize companies that have worked tirelessly to improve upon the process and art of crafting customer experiences. The Colombian Association of Business Process Outsourcing (BPrO), the organization that selects companies for these awards, states: “The award is given to companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the different processes of the organization in order to strengthen and improve the relationship of the company with its customers.”

Established in 2001, BPrO is a nonprofit organization that works to represent BPO companies and the value they bring to their regional markets and economies. The first association of its kind in Colombia, BPrO has grown substantially over the past 20+ years to form associated relationships with more than 70 companies in the country that specialize in CX. Being nominated for, let alone winning, an award from BPrO is a high honor in the industry, and we at SYKES couldn’t be prouder of our Colombia teams for continuing to uphold our standards of excellence when it comes to caring for customers across channels.

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