SYKES China Wins Awards at Annual Customer World Seminar

SYKES China Wins Awards at Annual Customer World Seminar

SYKES China received two awards at the 2018 annual China Customer World Seminar in Beijing, honoring individual SYKES leaders as well as the location’s stellar overall leadership in the Asian market. SYKES China was given the Best Contact Center (Outsourcing) of the Year award, and the location won Best Leader of the Year in the contact center category. In addition to winning awards, members of the SYKES China team from both Operations and Sales teams led panels and delivered keynote lectures on numerous topics, including one on the operation of virtual personal assistants in an omnichannel contact center setting and another on the impact the technology can have on the customer journey. Throughout their experiences managing and developing SYKES services with partners in the region, SYKES China has become a true leader and mentor in the country, leading by example in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry through their exemplary work, skill, and readiness to serve.

The two-day event, which was sponsored by SYKES and held in Beijing, was yet another opportunity for SYKES China to exhibit their findings and teach others about what they’ve learned over the course of their 20 years of experience delivering outstanding results for both customers and brand partners — one caring interaction at a time. Now operating in Changshu, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, SYKES China expanded a long way from where they started, and SYKES couldn’t be prouder of our teams in China for their diligence, leadership, and constant readiness to innovate in response to new challenges. For their general leadership as a company, SYKES China was awarded the Best Contact Center (Outsourcing) of the Year award, while individual leaders were also awarded, including then-General Manager Eileen Wang — who was acknowledged as the Best Leader of the Year.

Founded in the year 2000, and now with more than 2,000 employees, SYKES China serves as an inspiration to our global organization. Not only has SYKES China strived to create more meaningful, expedient, and helpful experiences for customers, they’ve also worked to share what they’ve learned with others and actively contribute to the success of their professional ecosystems and business communities. Congratulations and well done, SYKES China!

Interested in learning more about SYKES’ operations in China? You can download our official SYKES China fact sheet here.

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