Q4 Best Site Award, 2019 EMEA Annual Partner Summit

Q4 Best Site Award, 2019 EMEA Annual Partner Summit

Congratulations to the SYKES Romania team for being awarded the Q4 Best Site Award at HP’s 2019 EMEA Annual Partner Summit in Barcelona. The SYKES Romania team received this recognition for strategically crafting a site that delivers best-in-class improvements, quality, and overall customer performance for SYKES’ global partners. The receipt of this award is just one more in a long list of impressive achievements from SYKES Romania. Well done!

Team members at the SYKES Romania offices include:

  • Alexandros Papadongonas
  • Lorenzo Morioni
  • Dan Gligor

Additional support teams are in Oradea, Cluj, and Brasov.

The EMEA Annual Partner Summit is a two-day leadership summit held in Spain that focuses on business strategy, market transformations, and round-table discussions for value-added resellers in Europe and the Middle East. Winners are chosen based upon their service offerings, strategic delivery, and real-world results based on a single quarter. During the multiday HP Summit, attendees can hear about new industry developments, up-and-coming growth strategies, and much more from leaders, changemakers, and industry experts. For businesses, these awards represent an opportunity to recognize innovation in the outsourcing space and beyond.

Though this will be the first time they’ve been recognized at this particular conference, SYKES Romania is no stranger to awards — having won many since the location was established in 2010. In recent years, SYKES Romania has won three separate Romanian Contact Center Awards at the 11th annual Customer Care Conference & Expo, as well as the Best Large Outsourced Contact Center in Romania award from the Marketing Insiders Group. In addition, the SYKES Romania team in Oradea earned the Best Site Award for Customer Service in Europe award due to high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and overall improvement during growth. Throughout their efforts, SYKES Romania has embodied our mission to deliver outstanding intelligent customer experiences (ICX), one caring interaction at a time.

SYKES Romania began operations in the country in 2010 and have since employed over 1,200 individuals who provide excellent standards in customer service to the world’s leading brands. Providing services to industries such as technology and communications, the SYKES Romania team offers 24/7 support.