Process Automation App Wins Award

Process Automation App Wins Award

SYKES Brazil has won the Best Service Export Project award at the 2019 International Congress of Business. The Congress of Business, which seeks to offer a chance for businesses to reflect periodically on the innovators, change-makers, and digital visionaries from within various industries, selected SYKES due to their creative use of digital tools to solve real-world problems. SYKES’ winning project was a unique application that focuses on improving processes digitally — leveraging automation and cutting-edge technology to generate increased efficiency and reduce costs. Originally developed and used by SYKES Brazil, the innovative digital application is now going global — spreading to SYKES offices and service delivery locations around the globe.

SYKES has two locations in Brazil, established in 2008: one in Curitiba, and another in São Paulo. Now employing hundreds of people across both locations, SYKES has continued to flourish in Brazil due to the dedication and commitment of our employees and unique, fruitful partnerships that SYKES Brazil has created with like-minded organizations across the country. Though both sites are unique, their overall goal is the promotion of digital innovation, delivering intelligent customer experiences (ICX) and creating meaningful experiences for customers — one caring interaction at a time. SYKES Brazil provides excellent standards of customer service to industries such as financial services, technology, healthcare, communications, and travel, and offers support in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

The International Congress of Business conference is typically conducted throughout the year in São Paulo, with a series of events, keynote speakers, and conferences designed to promote important upcoming trends in the outsourcing industry, explore transformations in the marketplace, and much more. At its core, the International Congress of Business works to promote and shed light on innovation to cultivate it wherever it may come from. In addition to physical awards, the conference provides exposure to up-and-coming businesses that are already making an impact on their industries through new, creative ways of doing business. To find out past award recipients, learn about upcoming events, and more, you can visit the International Congress of Business website here.

To learn more about operations at SYKES Brazil, visit our fact sheet.