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Bronze for SYKES in ECCCSA’s Pan-European Contact Centre Awards

Bronze for SYKES in ECCCSA’s Pan-European Contact Centre Awards

SYKES is honored to be on one of the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards’ “Best Pan-European Contact Centre” winners in 2020. The ECCCSA recognizes organizations that value their people, continually innovate to improve the customer experience, and operate efficiently and effectively.

Being recognized by the ECCCSA for this elite award is a testament to SYKES’ leadership in work-from-home service delivery and is evidence that remote work is here to stay.

As one of Europe’s most successful contact centers, SYKES works across many sectors, including financial services, insurance, retail banking, and utilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many contact centers were forced to find alternative delivery options due to lockdown orders and social distancing guidelines. Because of SYKES’ extensive work-from-home experience and infrastructure, we were able to make the transition out of contact centers and into agents’ homes in record time, minimizing service disruptions for our brand partners.

Companies from almost every industry are benefiting from increased access to remote workforces, and SYKES is proud to be a part of this shift and recognizes that it’s more efficient and better for the environment. Remote work helps companies eliminate unnecessary travel time, packing materials, commute-related emissions, paper use related to printing reports and documents — all while improving employee morale.

SYKES is always looking for ways to partner with other organizations and bring value to each person involved in the process. To see some of our recent wins, please visit our awards page. If you’re looking for information about how we can help your company thrive, please visit our partnership page.