2016 Global Outsourcing Services and the leader of the summit in March 2016 21-22 held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. This General Assembly to “breaking” new rules “New challenges, new norm, a new cooperation” as the theme, based on the international market, to discuss the future of the global industry, building services and outsourcing.

As a global leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and customer contact services outsourcer, Sykes (China) was invited to attend the meeting. And won several important awards: “2015 Annual World’s Best Outsourcing Vendor – Chinese top 50”, “2015 Best Global Outsourcing Vendor –BPO China twenty strong”, “2015 China twenty strong multinational service outsourcing enterprises “, which is the industry, customers SYKES (China) again recognized. At the same time, Ms. Zhang Wen, general manager of Greater China, Sykes won the “2015 China Service Outsourcing Industry Annual Top Ten People” award.

SYKES Ms. Zhang Wen, general manager of Greater China, on the “from 2C to 2B, enterprise-class services market rise” leader in high-end dialogue, on the Internet, innovation, service outsourcing industry, with practice, the company explained how to use the Internet, big data cloud computing and other advanced technologies, and development trend of service outsourcing industry, from traditional channels to change channels multimedia published a unique insight to give the honored guests and fellow high degree of recognition.

SYKES (China) will be the “new normal”, according to China’s economic development in response to national policy, as always, deep into the client’s industry, understanding the development of state of the client’s industry, by providing an intermediate process services, customers and end-users to build a bridge for both provide value-added services.