Building on our strong legacy and industry expertise, we have acquired and integrated best-in-class companies that not only uniquely grow our end-to-end capabilities, but also elevate SKES to be world-class. Together with these acquisitions, SYKES is bigger than the sum of its parts and continues to focus on customer lifetime value.

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Omni-channel Solution

SYKES owned omni-channel solution and iStation system integrates all voice and non-voice service channels and intelligent service module. The omni-channel solution helps improve customer experience, operation efficiency and investment optimization.

SYKES omin-channel solution and iStation system provide both standard and customized version to fit in various customer needs.

Retail & E-commerce

One typical feature of retail industry is continuous changing with emerging technology to accelerate the process. Digitalization and omni-channel become the ultimate drive in this highly competitive market.

SYKES has developed customized solution to help retailers meet the challenge throughout the business process. With years of deep-dive in China market and strong relations with esteemed global and local brands, SYKES China offers the most reliable and professional CRM solutions designed to improve the loyalty and performance.

SYKES offering includes:

• Customer Care & Sales Inquiry
• E-Commerce Operation
• Omni-Channel Support
• Membership Management


Technology companies face the overwhelming challenge of reducing costs and growing margins while developing new products and diligently engaging with existing and prospective consumers over their preferred channels.

With over 35 years of experience globally and 16 years experience in China, SYKES provides its clients with an effective service-based differentiator. You can count on us to bring our customer relationship intelligence to all of your sales, service and advisory interactions.

Consumers always expect accuracy, quick response and customization of service. We are able to save costs and at the same time make customer effortless, improve CSAT and NPS, maintain good relationship with your existing customers and attract potential customers.

We provide service in IT&T industry include:

• Customer Care
• Technical Support and Troubleshooting
• Marketing and Event Support
• Cross-sell & Up-sell
• Complaint Handling


The auto sector in China is facing more challenges: Not only the market increase rate is lowering, but hundreds of new models launched every year, and customers expectations are changing so fast. Competitive pressure is steadily increasing, auto manufacturers must keep up pace in the ever changing and competing marketplace. We are here to help with our innovation services.

Our innovative solutions covers the life cycle of the auto customers. We are able to enhance the customers’ insight, to improve the customers’ relationship, to increase the value of customers’ assets, to improve the customers’ loyalty, and to promote the objectives of customer management of purchasing and redemption.

We provide service in Auto industry include:

• Customer Care
• Survey and Customer Retention
• Telemarketing
• Leads Generation and Follow Up
• Telematics Support

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