On October 26, 2016, the “The Seminar of Customer Experience in the FMCG industry”, sponsored by SYKES (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and supported by Shanghai Call Center Association, was rounded off in The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi. We invited the well-known enterprises representative of the FMCG consumer goods brands in the world to attend the event, including the famous cosmetic brand Sephora, the famous sports wear brand Converse, the famous coffee brand Starbucks etc. Besides, we also invited the deputy secretary-general of China Electronic Commerce Association (“CECA”) and the officer of feiniu.com as guest speakers to discuss and share their opinions on the key words “FMCG” and “Customer Experience”.


The event began with an eloquent speech delivered by Ms. Zhang Wen who is endowed with both beauty and talent, the general manager of SYKES in the Greater China region. Ms. Zhang, having 20 years’ experience in call center management, presented the major trends of customer service, i.e. younger people to serve, diversified contents to afford and differential channels to develop, and raised a series of problems about enterprise transformation and customer service in the Omnimedia Channel era, such as how to ensure efficiency of multi-channel all media,process design,staff management, establishment of standards etc, which have become the urgent emphases and difficulties for the present.

ch-bl-5Mr. Tong Qiujun, an expert from our e-commerce department, who has many years’ experience in the internet industry, and has deep insights into the multi-channel all media.

First of all, Mr. Tong defined the all media as providing the most suitable services for different consumers via different channels, whereby any desired information may be obtained by anybody, at any time, in any place or through any terminal. What we need to do is to provide the personalized services of minimal investment, maximal effect and quickest spread by the aid of the all media.

ch-bl-2As the sponsor of this seminar, SYKES had recourse to its unique all-media interactive platform technology, which was also one of the hot topics discussed at the meeting. The overall system demonstration was given and illustrated by Mr. Wang Xinxiang, the IT director of SYKES, who hoped for better business transformation by the agency of the technology.

SYKES’s all media system, by conducting technical integration and analysis of the multi-channel contact way, raises the seat platform switching efficiency and reduces the staff’s difficulties in processing the multi-channel and all-media information. The multi-channel problem may be resolved through a seat, so as to greatly save the operating costs and reduce the difficulties in talent cultivation. SYKES set up a system experience corner in the meeting place, whereby the guests present could in person experience the transformation of operation mode brought about by the system with the help of our IT service staff.


In the round table discussion as the key and also most important part of this seminar, we invited the representatives from Starbucks, Shanghai Ideal and Xiaohongshu as well as our think tank to discuss the all-media trends from the perspective of actual customer experience.

company-news-1The guests present raised some practical problems confronting the customer service center in the all media era. Above all things, how to quickly deal with the increasing complaints made via WeChat and MircoBlog through multiple channels has presented a very huge challenge. And the platform switching, memory, processing efficiency and technical cost have become the problems arising in transformation. As for the problems presented by the guests, SYKES’s experts considered that the customer service experience was not reflected in the direct service contact but decided by many experience points. We quickly integrate information through a unique system, and resort to the technologies to drive up our business ability, so as to reduce the operating costs. Taking the complaints filed via MicroBlog as an example, our customer service customer may integrate the related data into a platform, and offer prompt feedbacks through other channels such as voice and WeChat. In the course of services offered via all media, we will make our customers feel that our services are very efficient. The all media is just a channel or solution, while we will always base our services on the customer experience.

This seminar is not only a symposium on customer experience within the framework of all media, but also an in-depth study on the operation cases of the global well-known brands in the all media era. Here we extend our special thanks to SYKES as the sponsor, China Call Center Association as the co-sponsor and all guests from well-famous brands. It is you who help us identify the users’ experience points better instead of feeling our way along inch by inch. We hope that all enterprises can achieve better results in the all media era.