By identifying ways to gain efficiencies for a leading diabetes-care provider, SYKES cut costs by 40% with no impact to service levels or customer-satisfaction ratings.


Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes. In 2010, the incurable disease was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States – and some experts think that ranking may be too low, due to under-reporting.

The client has a rich corporate history spanning 125 years. The quality of their brand is recognized worldwide, serving 130 countries with their diabetes care products alone. They are ranked in the top 20 medical device companies globally.


Because their customers depend on their products, a fundamental aspect of their treatment, the ability of customer care representatives to provide precise, timely and accurate information is critical. Customer service representatives have to quickly and accurately handle calls about multiple devices from patients with diverse issues and needs. At the same time, representatives need to comply with complex federal requirements and regulations, such as the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


The client quickly gained confidence in our ability to more efficiently handle consumer calls for their diabetes products, while improving call quality and maintaining their brand and culture identity. As a result of that confidence, the client eventually transitioned their entire customer service calls to SYKES.

The specific results included:

  • Achieving key account metrics, including dropping average handle times to less than one minute
  • Growing CSAT scores into the 90s
  • Initiating an Interactive Voice Response system, providing better routing of incoming calls, resulting in significant savings for the client
  • Building the relationship and extent of the account through transparency and trust
  • Development of training programs that successfully integrated the clients culture and legacy

Outsourcing resulted in the best outcomes for this client. Their consumer care line is more efficient, operations are fully compliant with complex regulations and, most important of all, the patients who depend on the client’s products are getting the information they need to maintain their treatments and their health.


SYKES applied its industry-leading, high-quality training and quality assurance best practices, as well as our “people serving people” approach, to deliver superior customer care for this client.

SYKES developed HIPAA training to ensure federal regulatory compliance particular to the client’s product and services. All agents were trained and then required to complete annual retraining programs. Each signed a HIPAA agreement stating they understood and would follow the regulations.

Our Insight Analytics Team provided active monitoring and analysis of the calls, further honing best practices that reduced Average Handle Times (AHTs). SYKES’ analytics team also closely monitored the product verification and troubleshooting steps of call transactions, and identified areas to help agents hone their knowledge further to provide even more excellent service to consumers.

We helped personalize the service by having the actual products at each representative’s desk for them to hold in their hands during calls. Representatives can feel and touch the products for themselves as they are talking to the patients who are using them. In addition, agents with diabetes give talks to the agents at the call center to provide guidance on what is it is to live a “day in the life.” This helps representatives empathize with callers who have diabetes.