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Welcome to SYKES Canada

At SYKES Canada, we are committed to helping our clients build positive and lasting relationships with their customers, employees and in the public sector.

Our reputation is built on commitment, innovation, and a proven track record of performance. The SYKES family includes over 46,000 employees from twenty-three countries working in thirty languages in locations around the world. For Sykes, acting locally while thinking globally is much more than a business cliché – we deliver on it each and every day.

The team at SYKES Canada has come from many different backgrounds and industries. We have all arrived at this place because we have been attracted by the idea that a company could be devoted to helping others and still make a profit. Our team at SYKES Canada has built–over several decades–a culture centered on helping others by helping one another.

We are experts in building customer relationships that work, starting with the relationships we enjoy with our clients. The pillars of our business are integrity, flexibility, and results. We will stand behind the guarantees we make as your partner because we know that loyalty depends on satisfaction. We also know that the realities and priorities of any organization can change in a hurry. We have survived for fifty years because we can adapt what we do quickly to meet your needs for the present and the future.

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