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SYKESHome is a remote-based solution that provides true virtual offices for your business. Whether for operational continuity or disaster recovery, a proven work-at-home solution offers seamless integration from your brick-and-mortar site. SYKESHome delivers a comprehensive suite of distributed work-at-home solutions designed to transfer quickly and function optimally, while upholding stringent security measures and ensuring operational excellence. Get our free Preparedness Guide to help your business with the work-at-home switch — whatever the reason, and wherever you happen to be.

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Speed of Transfer

Rapidly changing times call for even faster responses — SYKESHome gets you up to speed.

  • Aggressive business continuity plans for consistent delivery
  • Optimized global workforce equipped with state-of-the art technology
  • Speedy onboarding via virtual trainings and personalized micro-lessons
  • Unlimited geography removes language and time-zone barriers

Functionality & Flexibility

Our expertise enables us to shift business operations with little-to-no interruption.

  • Swift scaling to support your needs, values and timeline
  • Expert agents with an average 10 years work-at-home experience
  • 25,000+ skilled agents in four countries and 40 states
  • Increased conversion and decreased average handle time


Built on a NIST Cybersecurity Framework, your data is protected from day one.

  • Enterprise-level HIPAA-compliance and PCI-certified
  • Advanced visibility into agent activity and strict access controls
  • Proprietary fraud detection and threat identification through OneTEAM
  • Cutting-edge automated triage system tailored for remote work

Operational Excellence

Our decades of experience ensures every aspect of your business runs as well as in the office.

  • 20+ years partnering with Global 2000® companies
  • Advanced agent training for sustained excellence
  • Unmatched expertise in compliance, products and procedures
  • Innovative, seamless customer journey through Intelligent CX

Our established and secure home-based service model helps you do the right thing right

Home-Based Experts Ready to Build Your Brand

Leading Brand Partners That Trust Their CX to SYKES

Years Remote-Delivery Excellence Across Multiple Industries

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Here’s how we help global brands:

  • 20+ years experience in delivering virtual customer service operations
  • Decades of global presence supporting multilingual programs
  • OneTEAM platform providing collaboration, communications, analysis and insight
  • Dynamic, blended work-at-home and in-center operational abilities

A large financial services client was forced to close their brick-and-mortar call center in Houston during Hurricane Ike. Executives contacted SYKESHome 24 hours before the scheduled closure of their center. In response, SYKESHome added 22% more representatives to handle the calls from the closed center without customers being aware of the closure. The company was able to protect and even strengthen its brand name and reputation.

SYKESHome: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for Care Centers

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Your business has unique needs for the work-at-home transition. See the difference a customized solution can make to the customer experience as well as your bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My company made a large-scale work-at-home transition, but quality is now lacking. What should I do?

A: Having visibility into agent activity will help minimize down-time during working hours, so introducing technology such as SYKES’ OneTEAM will help in that regard. If your employees are new to the work-at-home space, offering them guidance by means of incentives and personalized micro-lessons on how best to work at home can boost employee morale and productivity.

Q: My company’s sustained growth has created the discussion about a work-at-home switch. What are your steps to making that happen?

A: We develop a measured plan for the work-at-home switch, keeping in mind not only your base of operations, but those of your brand partners. We keep communication channels open with your partners, employees and customers to ensure consistent delivery during the transition. SYKESHome scales to any degree, with world-class agents hired for their work-at-home experience. Every agent is equipped with state-of-the-art, secure technology to make the switch speedy and seamless.

Q: What are your multi-channel approaches?

A: SYKES operates on an intelligent CX, omni-digital approach to better understand the customer journey and minimize friction. Global consumers are increasingly frustrated with disjointed touchpoints — meet them wherever they are to improve your customer experience.

Q: What are your differentiators in the work-at-home sector?

A: SYKES is a work-at-home pioneer trusted by the world’s leading brands. Our expanded talent pool allows us to hire only the best agents with remote-based experience, and our secure, flexible solutions offer a swift and seamless transition.

Q: My company already partners with SYKES, and now wants to explore a work-at-home transition. What is your process for making that happen?

A: We’ll work closely with you to ensure the quality, security and equipment you expect, and our facilities will be quickly functional from employee homes.

Q: What are your specific security procedures?

A: We train agents for threat identification, and use best-in-class data encryption and multi-factor authentication. Our layered data-loss prevention technologies, as well as host- and network-based intrusion detection, provide extra contingencies in addition to background checks and drug testing.


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