Secure Work at Home Business Model - SYKES

5 Technology Advances Creating a More Secure Work-at-Home Business Model

In my last article, I described how working from home is transforming American industry and jobs. This is no idle claim. The single largest demographic group in the US labor force is now the millennial, with very different expectations regarding the flexibility an employer should offer to their employees. In addition to changing employee expectations, there are several business and ...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Customer Service Experience - SYKES

Let’s Talk About Bots, Baby.

Artificial intelligence may sound like something out of science fiction, but the truth is we're already using AI in everyday business. We recently sat down with our social media expert and Director of Global Digital Solutions Sarah Grace McCandless to talk about how these “bots” are changing the customer service experience. What role is artificial intelligence playing in the customer service ...
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Average Handle Time Positively Effecting Your Customer

Your Average Handle Time Could Be Better

It’s become a bit of a cliché to point this out, but time is a precious commodity these days. And nobody wants to spend theirs jamming out to hold music (unless you are on an Uber Conference call; their hold music is ridiculously entertaining). To keep your customers from suffering this fate, make sure their calls for technical support are ...
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One Touch Customer Experience - SYKES

One Touch Customer Experience vs. Current Business Processes

It may be unpleasant — and that's actually the point of this analogy — but think about the last time you spent a few hours at your local transportation office to get your driver license renewed. You were probably given the runaround, sent to multiple desks to take care of one little thing that probably seemed simple. Then, once your ...
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Technology Contact Center Services - SYKES

SYKES Guides Major Electronics Brand through Customer Service Transformation

BACKGROUND This major global brand provides audio/video electronics and technology products for the consumer and professional markets. With products such as TVs, digital cameras and Blu-ray players, its customers are technology enthusiasts who spend considerable time online shopping, consuming entertainment content and engaging with brands. While client revenues are approximately $80 billion, what comprises those earnings changes as technology evolves ...
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SYKES Guides Client into Global Social Media Customer Care Arena

BACKGROUND Client is a global leader of information and communication technology solutions, including telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices used across the globe. Established in the 1980s and headquartered in China, this is one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world, with 2014 revenue of almost $50 billion. CHALLENGE The client’s core values have ...
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Strategic Call Center Technical Support - SYKES

Technical Support Should Be Strategic, Yet Simple and Efficient

A data center network is the core system for service delivery for most enterprises. Anything that impedes the provision of services over the network, such as downtime, configuration errors or a switch malfunction, is costly for the businesses you support. The explosion of data, driven by the Internet of Things and social media deepens the concerns about the complexity involved ...
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Create Competition for Innovation in Technical Support

As technology becomes more complex, so do the questions fielded by your technical support agents. In a time of growing customer expectations and increasing demand for instant gratification, technology companies need to redefine their support boundaries to find innovative approaches for improving performance. Taking a standards-based approach to put all of your tech support vendors on a level playing field ...
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Tips for Efficient Technical Support Services - SYKES

To the Health of Your Technical Support Services

Metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are meant to be a reflection of the health of your technical support services. Access to key insights is especially important when using an outsourced service provider. While contract fulfillment is covered by a service level agreement (SLA), it’s equally important to apply business metrics to determine whether or not the relationship is delivering ...
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It’s Time to Change the Technical Support Status Quo

Improving the customer experience is rated as a top priority by customer service executives. What sounds simple in theory can become challenging in practice and this limits the creation and deployment of customer experience initiatives. As customers are increasingly taking more control over the relationships they have or choose to continue with brands, companies must develop better practices for serving ...
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Risk Management and Rewards - SYKES

Balance Risk and Reward to Gain Value from Technical Support Vendors

Procurement professionals are being pressured to drive down costs. But at what expense? A singular focus on cost savings can have the unintended consequence of diluting the total value of the supplier relationship. In order to meet your priorities, a better approach may be to match risk with reward to encourage your technical support vendor to proactively be more creative, ...
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Your RFP for Outsourced Tech Support is Too Expensive

Procurement is often tasked with getting the most value for the least money. To do this, they often develop an RFP in order to define how vendors will describe their service offerings and how they present them. In concept, this is a solid practice that ensures that procurement officers are evaluating based on an apples-to-apples approach. But trying to force ...
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Profit from Selling through Technical Support - SYKES

Profit from Selling through Technical Support

According to John Ragsdale from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), services revenues are outpacing product revenues. He asserts that the focus must shift from service optimization to generating additional revenue from the support channel. In order to develop a profitable revenue stream from technical support, our thinking must evolve from deflecting issues to maximizing opportunity. Many technology companies sell ...
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Making the Decision to Outsource Technical Support

Nearly all technology products today will present challenges to some of your customers. The complexity of your products is likely growing, along with the increased pace of change that’s creating a cycle of continuous learning as customers adopt new products faster than ever before. Choosing to develop an internal technical support operation based on concerns that the technology is too ...
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Take a Strategic Approach to Selecting a Technical Support Provider

Technology companies are usually built around a few select core competencies. Staffing a technology support and service operation is not one of them. Just as you have your expertise, a technical support provider has theirs—and it’s built around the processes, methodologies and expertise used to ensure the elevation of your customers’ experiences with each and every interaction. The kicker is ...
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Four Areas of Business Value Call Center Vendors Must Address - SYKES

Call Center Vendor RFPs: Strategic Tool or Checklist?

The request for proposal (RFP) for call center support services must evolve to provide strategic value toward vendor selection rather than serve as a check list that gathers general information. Because a call center vendor selection is not made frequently the RFP you’re using may be outdated, leaving a lot of potential value out of the evaluation process. The industry ...
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Data Drives the Customer Experience for Technical Support

Data Drives the Customer Experience for Technical Support All companies deliver a customer experience. But, often the most definitive experience for your customers is the interaction they have with technical support when an issue arises with the use of your products. The customer’s experience with technical support offers a few advantages over ad hoc touch points with your customers. First, ...
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Gain Business Value From Technical Support Vendors

Selecting an outsourced technical support provider involves much more than price. This is especially true as products become more complex and customer expectations become more exacting. The customer experience is climbing its way to the top of the business priority list. But, along with a shift in prominence for customers, comes a need to shift how companies support and serve ...
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Service Trumps Price for Technology Customers

Technology product managers may think that the battle for business is won on price, but the reality is that the service experience plays a key role in spending. Customers have become very selective based on their perceptions of how difficult it is to access support, accomplish what they need, and be delighted with their overall experience. And this isn’t just ...
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Transition Contact Center Vendors without Disruption

Customers expect the contact center to be responsive when they call—especially when the reason for the call is technical support. Technical support is seen by customers as urgent. It generally means that the product they’re using isn’t functioning properly or that their experience is compromised by difficulty with functionality. This level of expectation for uninterrupted service delivery is true even ...
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