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Sykes Wins TSIA’s Recognized Innovator Award

Part of what makes a company great and most importantly, memorable, is the ability to provide the best service possible for their customers. This not only exhibits interest and passion for what one provides, but also shows concern for people, which is what ultimately leads to substantial relationships in the future. In our modern world, there is always a constant search for new and innovative ideas to make the customer experience one that customers will remember. SYKES, a global leader in outsource customer service contact management solutions, was recently recognized for their efforts in this field, when awarded the Technology Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) coveted Recognized Innovator Award for SYKES Sales Assist program.

SYKES Sales Assist is a program that trains and equips agents to intuitively match the need of the customer to the suitable product offer, maximizing every customer interaction while still focused on providing a positive customer service experience. The program centers on establishing an engaging and interactive environment for clients, while aiming to cater to their needs and improving customer satisfaction. As Mike Clarkin, SYKES Global Vice President of Marketing stated: “SYKES Sales Assist leverages the inbound support channel to gain rapport and trust through a positive customer experience.  Through the interaction, agents can produce revenue by making the appropriate offer at the right time.” Knowing what to say and when to say it are key elements for all personnel at a call center, and these are only a few of the factors that the Sales Assist program offers to improve. Through the program, agents are trained and then chosen strategically to address certain calls in their area of expertise. This not only provides the best experience possible for the customer, but also better implements marketing strategies and secures more profitable opportunities.

According to John Ragsdale, Vice President of Technology Research at TSIA, “SYKES has clearly demonstrated that it understands the value of service economics and can strategically partner with technology service organizations to provide them with innovative tools that help run a profitable and highly performing services business.” The way we see it, SYKES Sales Assist is just one more way we make good on our promise to deliver more to our clients.