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Sykes Sponsors Biz Town Call Center

As a kid everyone had an idea of what they wanted to become as an adult.  The best play dates often involved countless hours of pretending to be doctors, teachers, or other professionals in a career, and part of this process included setting up your workspace. Before, in order to get your “office” set up you had to get the sofa cushions, some sheets, and find a way to combine all that with some type of furniture to hold everything together. Luckily for today’s generation all that manual labor is forsaken. Now, whenever the kids want to play grown up, they have a place called Biz Town, where the tedious job of setting up their office is already done for them.

Biz Town is a small-scale real word environment designed for children to experience what it’s like working real world jobs. Kids there get to pick a career and work in their chosen area for the day, running daily and usual tasks that professionals in that field would normally do. Aside from giving children a fun afternoon of pretend time, Biz Town according to jatampabay.org, is ultimately also designed to teach kids “to succeed in a global economy”. Through the implementation of real world skills such as critical thinking and a relatively in depth perception of what’s yet to come, children are exposed and prepared. The interesting part of the entire thing, however, is that the businesses for which the kids work for are actual businesses that one would see in the real world. SYKES is a proud sponsor of Biz Town, and has recently hosted a ribbon cutting for their SYKES Call Center. The call center is like any other SYKES call center; inside, one will find office spaces and cubicles with telephones ready for the young and enthusiastic agents to take the calls. There are even staged “technical difficulties” from other Biz Town businesses so the SYKES agents can help and solve the issue.

SYKES is proud to partner with Biz Town to provide a learning environment for young individuals and stimulate their success through education, as it is a critical part of any person’s life that opens doors and presents opportunities. Events like these take effort and SYKES would like to personally thank all of the volunteers that made the SYKES call center in Biz Town possible, and to the ones who donated their time at the ribbon cutting, as all of this would have not been possible without them. SYKES has always promoted their dedication to providing real people and what a better way to do that than to start with the agents of tomorrow.