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Sykes Named Professional Services Leader

All successful businesses strive to provide quality products and services as well as positive customer interactions.  Nothing states “excellence” more than having your customers become raving fans of your product and/or service. Naturally, these compliments will let a business know that they are doing their job well and sets room for motivation to keep going. SYKES works hard everyday to provide quality services and find new ways to better the customer experience. Being named a leader in professional services by the Speech Technology Magazine definitely states that SYKES is on the right track.

Speech Technology Magazine hosts an annual ceremony for outstanding businesses in the speech technology sector known as the Speech Technology Market Leader Awards. The awards program has six categories: speech engine, self-service suite, speech analytics, voice security, professional services, and mobile voice search. This year, SYKES was recognized for the professional services.

The selection process is complex, with industry analysts and consultants performing various evaluations on several service companies.  These evaluations measure Affordability, Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Use, Accuracy, Speed, Depth of Functionality, and Company Direction. The scoring for these evaluations were based on a five-point scale and were made possible through a proprietary scoring formula designed by the analyst and consultants. The winner of the category was determined based on the composite score of the areas mentioned above.

SYKES was announced the leading vendor in professional services. SYKES exhibited the strongest capability in the area of Number and Breadth of Services Offered, Ability to Execute, and Customer Satisfaction, while having Ability to Execute as its top forte.

SYKES is proud to be regarded as a leader in the industry for the provision of its services and is humbled by this recognition. Everyday is a chance for progress and that is exactly what SYKES intends to achieve as a company.