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Sykes Awards Annual Scholarship

In a recent Forbes article entitled College Costs Out Of Control, contributor Steve Odland explains that the college education inflation rate has risen nearly 500% since 1985.  That’s a staggering rate considering consumer price index has risen 115% in the same period. Yet, with a rising demand for substantial resumes in the job market, and unpredictable economic downturns, the need for higher education has become more and more of a necessity. So what’s a student to do?

For many high school graduates, fall semester of college is right around the corner, and while starting fresh at a new school is indeed exciting, a quick peek at the tuition bill can quickly put anyone in a state of shock.  To help alleviate that paralyses and give a motivational push, SYKES has once again awarded their annual scholarship to two deserving high school seniors.

The SYKES scholarship began back in 1997 as an effort from the company to help aspiring students and children of SYKES employees achieve undergraduate post secondary education. The scholarship is a $2000 gift given annually to two new recipients with a chance for renewal opportunities. SYKES is proud to announce that this year’s scholarship winners are Kyle Hobson, son of Jeff Hobson, a SYKES employee in Tampa and Kathleen DiMattia, daughter of William Dimattia, a SYKES employee in Lock Haven. Kyle, a recent graduate from Hillsborough High School, will be attending Auburn University in the fall and will major in industrial engineering. Kathleen, a graduate from Bucktail Area Jr/Sr High School in Farwell, Pennsylvania, will be headed to Penn State University in August where she will major in psychology. Both of these students were remarkable candidates and SYKES is pleased to extend a helping hand. Aside from Kyle and Kathleen, there are also five previous candidates who will renew their scholarships, making a total of seven scholarships that SYKES will award this 2012-2013 academic year.

Summer is over for many students,  giving start to the new school year. As preparations get on their way and a new chapter gets ready to start for these individuals, SYKES would like to once again congratulate all of them for their hard work and on this first of many accomplishments to come.