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Successful Personalities in Sykes Brazil

Excellent workers make excellent companies. As a global enterprise, SYKES has locations all throughout the world and it takes a great deal of pride to say that all of its call centers perform at their peak. The reason for this is because SYKES has employees that are always willing to put in the effort to help the company achieve higher standards of performance. Recently in SYKES Brazil, one of the employees, Daniel Luiz Moretto, Director of Area Operations in Brazil, was recognized with the Personalities award for his remarkable work with the company.

ClienteSA, a renowned Brazilian publication, awards the personalities trophy. Mr Vilnor Grube, a recognized journalist of the 90’s and one of the founders of Brazilian Association of Tele Services, founded the magazine back in 2001, and today it is an important source and reference for that industry.  The award was set to acknowledge the unique and valuable personalities of deserving individuals who helped uplift their companies over their careers with customer care market development. Because of his continuous efforts with SYKES in Brazil, Mr. Moretto was recognized with the award.

The evaluation process for the recipient selection of this award was determined based on the evaluation of practices implemented by the companies and the results that they garnered. The individuals who were acknowledged were the ones that stood out in their respective companies and who contributed the most to the development of the customer care industry. After the selection, the final choice for the winners was made based on an online public poll, where the people voted for their choice of best professional.

It is always great to hear that employees of SYKES continue to strive for progress and success.  As a global company, SYKES has to keep peak performance all around the word and as arduous as that may seem, it is the outstanding job that employees are able to provide that dilutes the task’s difficulty. SYKES would like to congratulate the Director of Area Operations in Brazil, Mr. Daniel Luiz Moretto for his work.