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Strategic Questions Key to Strong Customer Relationships

Successful companies don’t assume they know what their customers are thinking, they ask!  What?  You say you’ve been tasked with cutting costs this quarter?  That’s not surprising in today’s economy but spending less on customer needs is sure to negatively impact your bottom line, so how do you know?  What if I told you a successful CSAT Survey would cost you less than the loss of one valued customer?  Customer satisfaction is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

There are many tools available to help companies connect with their customers, but very few are ever implemented effectively. Service providers must align business processes around customer feedback, react in real-time, and close the gap so that consumers know they are being prioritized. There is nothing more satisfying or empowering than knowing your voice has made a difference, no matter the size or significance. Quite simply, your customers will love you for it!

So enough talk, the real question that needs to be addressed is how to achieve a successful solution from which you can take immediate action for improvement.  No matter if your customer service department is in-house or outsourced, you should consider working with a BPO provider with experience in building and maintaining, customized post-call IVR surveys.

Why? Well in short, post-call IVR surveys are the best way to capture customer feedback when it’s “fresh” and top of mind. These surveys can be offered after every customer call you take, at a low cost. Imagine how quickly you can react to a negative customer experience if an email notification was immediately sent to the appropriate person to address a bad score.  Not only is it more effective and affordable than traditional channels, IVR surveys give real-time customer insight that can also be used to train and coach your agents. By asking strategic questions and enabling the customer to speak freely at the end of a call, IVR surveys present an easy way to get the answers you need, while building healthier customer relationships.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our demo site and listen to a SYKES CSAT survey…sent straight to your phone!