Optimizing the Outcome-Based Model for Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is gradually shifting the focus of the healthcare industry. Changes in the reimbursement process are driving companies to use an outcome-based model instead of more traditional reactive approaches. Health and Human Services set a goal to apply half of Medicare payments to value-based alternative payment models, like accountable care organizations, by 2018. This will drive ...
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Effortless Experience Begins with Sales

There’s more to competitive powerlifting than meets the eye.  Many people may think it’s simply about lifting the heaviest weight.  But winning a competition goes much deeper than that.  Competitors have three types of lifts they must successfully complete in succession, with three tries for each one.  Strategy is a factor, for you must chose to lift a weight that ...
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Retail Contact Center Flexibility - SYKES

Inbound Contact Center Flexibility Saves Retailers from Coverage Headaches

Seasonality that spikes customer demand for products and services can be due to a variety of events from holiday periods to conference events and product launches. For business managers with product and sales responsibility, coordinating efforts with the contact center can help to ease the strain of meeting customer demand. What Would You Do?  The holiday sales peak is fast ...
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