His Search for Opportunity Led Him to SYKES
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His Search for Opportunity Led Him to SYKES

When Frederik Jutras started work at SYKES, he found the career he had been dreaming of.

Frederik was in training to become a police officer, but he injured his back and was unable to continue. Next, he tried respiratory therapy for three years. Deciding that wasn’t a good fit, Frederik continued his search.

Looking for opportunity, he found it at SYKES Sherbrooke.

“I came to SYKES because I knew there’s a lot of possibility to advance,”

Frederik started as an agent, taking customer calls. Before the end of the year, he advanced to the position of backup trainer, teaching new hires how to use the internal system and deliver customer service. He was recently confirmed as a full-time trainer.

“I love the fact that this is brand new for me,” he says. “It’s a different challenge every day. That’s something I really love about SYKES.”

Frederik’s desire to move up and his willingness to help others didn’t go unnoticed by his managers. Says Max Cote-Tremblay, site director, “Frederik started as an agent and quickly differentiated himself by always trying to help others. It was no surprise that when there was an opening to become trainer, Frederik jumped at the opportunity.”

Frederik credits a supportive atmosphere with helping him advance so quickly. “Every time there was a new job position opening, I always had one or two people who encouraged me to apply. I really feel like SYKES wants me to always do more to improve myself.”

There’s also a family atmosphere at SYKES that makes Frederik feel like home. “It’s like a small family here. If anything goes wrong, there’s always someone to help me out and listen to what I have to say.”

Despite the fact that sometimes days can be challenging, Frederik says that the atmosphere, plus frequent events like barbeques, never result in a bad day. “I don’t remember a single day since I started that I didn’t want to come to work. Every day I think, well, something funny will happen today. Someone is going to make a difference.”

Turns out that “someone” is Frederik.