Quality Assurance and CSAT - SYKES

Does Great Quality Assurance Always Translate to a Better Customer Experience?

Experts in many fields, including customer service, can make the mistake of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions that don't actually work for every problem. These panaceas tend to be driven by two main factors: common sense and conventional wisdom. When common sense and conventional wisdom aren't supported by hard data, however, those strategies need to be revised. Always keep in mind that ...
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Customer Satisfaction Strategy Tips - SYKES

Prioritizing Unhappiest Customers May Be Costing You

The most universal rule of effective customer service strategy is that it is people focused, but data driven. When it comes to qualitative data, that usually takes the form of customer satisfaction survey results. With the popular five-box model of customer satisfaction, customers are separated into the following groups: “very satisfied” (top), “satisfied,” “neutral,” “dissatisfied” and “very dissatisfied” (bottom). We'll ...
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Retail Contact Center Flexibility - SYKES

Inbound Contact Center Flexibility Saves Retailers from Coverage Headaches

Seasonality that spikes customer demand for products and services can be due to a variety of events from holiday periods to conference events and product launches. For business managers with product and sales responsibility, coordinating efforts with the contact center can help to ease the strain of meeting customer demand. What Would You Do?  The holiday sales peak is fast ...
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Retail BPO Services Case Study - SYKES

Fortune 50 Retail Consumer Electronics Leader Achieves Ultimate Scalability with SYKES Home’s Onshore Virtual @Home Model

Industry: Retail Electronics Products Challenge: Increase staffing (without compromising quality) by changing outsource providers before high volume season began Solution: Selected virtual onshore @home model to handle inbound hardware support calls Results: After initial pilot ramped program from 350+ FTE to over 1100FTEin less than 6 weeks in time for its peak season Immediately ramped up to support additional call ...
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Retail Contact Centers Succeed When Customer Connection is Achieved

Affinity is represented by the strength of the connection between customer and company and brand. Companies that have done well in establishing affinity include Apple, Coach and L.L. Bean. Companies that had it and lost it include Jet Blue (customers held on the tarmac), Mercedes Benz (quality problems) and Natural Balance (harmful pet food). The reason why customer affinity is ...
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