How Enterprise Technology Companies Benefit from SYKES Tech Academy

Recently, it seems every time you turn around another breach or hack is threatening thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of consumers’ online financial security. That’s why it’s more critical than ever to manage the secure flow of data across the complex networks that enable customer transactions. Even more important are the engineers who monitor networks and provide technical support ...
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Sykes Healthcare Patient Experience

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2019 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during the 2016 third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process itself as well ...
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Self Service Technology - SYKES

How to Do Self-Service the Right Way

Self-Service: The New Battlefield Gartner, an American research and advisory firm, has predicted that this year will be a tipping point when customer experience becomes more important to consumers than even products and services. Are you taking steps to embrace this new retail battlefield? Currently, 40 percent of consumers prefer self service over speaking to a person, and 70 percent ...
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Customer Management Outsourcing - SYKES

Customer Management Outsourcing Can Fix Your Top 5 Pain Points

Today, customer facing activities such as customer service, order management, and technical support are more important than ever. But managing these activities to a level that consistently satisfies customers and creates advocates is getting more complex as needs, preferences, and access to information evolve. With so much on the line for your brand, engaging the expertise of a seasoned and ...
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- Customer Support Solution - SYKES

The 7 Benefits of Partnering with a Customer Support Provider

Here’s the simple truth: The way customer service, inbound sales services, and technical support have been approached in the past simply won’t cut it with today’s busy customers — or tomorrow’s. Considering that internal customer contact centers can be inhibited by things like infrastructure limitations, Sr. executives’ positioning, and whether customer support is viewed as an economic benefit or drain, ...
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Healthcare Customer Service 2018 - SYKES

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during last year's third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process ...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Customer Service Experience - SYKES

Let’s Talk About Bots, Baby.

Artificial intelligence may sound like something out of science fiction, but the truth is we're already using AI in everyday business. We recently sat down with our social media expert and Director of Global Digital Solutions Sarah Grace McCandless to talk about how these “bots” are changing the customer service experience. What role is artificial intelligence playing in the customer service ...
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Quality Assurance and CSAT - SYKES

Does Great Quality Assurance Always Translate to a Better Customer Experience?

Experts in many fields, including customer service, can make the mistake of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions that don't actually work for every problem. These panaceas tend to be driven by two main factors: common sense and conventional wisdom. When common sense and conventional wisdom aren't supported by hard data, however, those strategies need to be revised. Always keep in mind that ...
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Average Handle Time Positively Effecting Your Customer

Your Average Handle Time Could Be Better

It’s become a bit of a cliché to point this out, but time is a precious commodity these days. And nobody wants to spend theirs jamming out to hold music (unless you are on an Uber Conference call; their hold music is ridiculously entertaining). To keep your customers from suffering this fate, make sure their calls for technical support are ...
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Happy Customers Because of Adaptable Agents

Adaptable Agents, Happy Customers

As tempting as it can be to cater customer service to some simplified, archetypal "average consumer," the truth is that every customer is different and subsequently in need of very different approaches to technical support. Each comes to an agent with a unique combination of a specific communication style and level of technological know-how. With the expansion of alternative tech ...
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Work at Home Customer Service Agent - SYKES

5 Myths of Customer Service

Strong customer service helps you create loyalty, increase product awareness, and encourage future purchases. Everyone wants to create the perfect customer service experience, but many businesses are building their processes on false assumptions and insufficient metrics. If your customer service paradigm is focused on outdated ideals, you're missing out on major opportunities to connect with your modern customer base. Today's ...
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Optimizing the Outcome-Based Model for Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is gradually shifting the focus of the healthcare industry. Changes in the reimbursement process are driving companies to use an outcome-based model instead of more traditional reactive approaches. Health and Human Services set a goal to apply half of Medicare payments to value-based alternative payment models, like accountable care organizations, by 2018. This will drive ...
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Bank Customer Satisfaction Improves – But You Can’t Afford to Shift Focus Yet

“I’m not dead yet,” cries the old man in the classic movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” as the undertakers try to throw the protesting pauper on their cart of cadavers. Similarly, it is tempting to stop focusing on fundamental customer service practices as recent reports highlight improvements in customer satisfaction in the financial sector. After all, the data ...
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Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions - SYKES

Transitioning Knowledge to Deliver Customer Service

A successful Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO) program requires agents who are well-versed in their client’s complex line of business. However, knowledge is just the starting point of superior KPO delivery. Agents must be adept at blending business knowledge with the right mix of customer service skills while being supported by accountable quality management. Leave any of those ingredients out and ...
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Care Coaching Requires a Transformative Approach to the Contact Center

SYKES Enterprises provides care coaching programs to help people quit smoking, manage weight, and adopt healthy exercise habits. Working with people to create long-lasting behavioral change is a very personal undertaking reliant on the relationships built with clients. It’s much more involved than answering a billing question or providing technical product support which are common transactional services provided in a ...
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Global Customer Support Vendor - SYKES

Gain Business Value From Support Vendors

Selecting an outsourced customer support provider involves much more than price. This is especially true as products become more complex and customer expectations become more exacting. The customer experience is climbing its way to the top of the business priority list. But, along with a shift in prominence for customers, comes a need to shift how companies support and serve them ...
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Call Center Vendors Must Humanize the Banking Experience

The top reason consumers leave a financial institution is due to subpar service. Thirty-seven percent of retail bank customers said so in a 2010 survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. This percentage grew to 48 percent in response to a 2011 Ernst & Young survey. Not only is customer attrition a growing issue for banks, but so is gaining ...
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