New Career is a Home Run at SYKES
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New Career is a Home Run at SYKES

Terry Sherrard is getting excited – he’s about to do one of the things he loves most with people he cares about, for a cause he believes in. Terry’s organizing the 2nd annual SYKES Miramichi Softball Tournament benefiting a local food bank.

Terry will be joined by around 40 of his colleagues from SYKES as they welcome the local community to participate. Registration fees will be donated to the food bank. Last year, in the first tournament, the site raised about $1,200 Canadian.

Socializing over softball with his colleagues is one of the benefits that Terry, an account manager, likes most about SYKES. “I like interacting with the people, and getting to know them, getting down to what’s going on in their lives. It does a lot of good for me.”

In his previous career, Terry didn’t get a lot of that interaction. Prior to SYKES, he worked in the oil industry for nearly 20 years as a pipe fitter. He didn’t have the same opportunity there to bond with his coworkers like he does at SYKES. “I worked on job sites with thousands of people but there was never really any interaction, so you worked together but you didn’t really know anything about each other.” That all changed when Terry came to SYKES.

“Anyone can come to SYKES and really grow here. There are opportunities abounding. The possibilities are limitless.” – Terry Sherrard

Working in a more familial environment wasn’t the only change. When the oil field shut down, Terry found himself looking for work. He was wondering what to do next when he heard that SYKES was hiring customer service representatives through a radio ad. “I’m not really one to sit down and do nothing for months on end, so I brought in a resume.” A welder by trade, Terry soon found himself providing customer support for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies.

Terry says that there was a steep learning curve, but that SYKES was behind him every step of the way. “The amount of support I’ve gotten here, the opportunities that have been given to me were just amazing. I had people taking chances on me and put me into roles that have been great opportunities.”

Terry started taking calls from customers, and quickly advanced. He was promoted to backup team manager, then advanced to an analytical position, before being promoted to account manager. As account manager Terry interacts with SYKES’ client directly while managing a team of 100.

If Terry feels like he’s batting a thousand, he says SYKES offers the same opportunities to everyone. “Anyone can come to SYKES and really grow here. There are opportunities abounding. The possibilities are limitless.”