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The Match to the Fire

Many companies define success in different ways.  At SYKES, we believe that giving back to the communities in which we live and work demonstrates the highest levels of success.  After all, taking care of our employees, our clients and their customers and our shareholders, is what allows us to give back in the first place.  Working hard to meet our business obligations makes it possible for us to contribute to our communities.

SYKES is proud to support our local communities, and has always done its best to give back whenever the case arises.  Throughout the years, we have been involved in many philanthropic activities worldwide such as assisting local food banks, providing school children with much needed clothing and school supplies and much more.  More recently, SYKES launched a new way to give back with a matching gift program for its U.S. employees.  The program matches – dollar-for-dollar – donations that SYKES U.S. employees’ make to eligible organizations.  The program is administered online making it efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

SYKES’ new matching gift program is a powerful tool in so many ways.  First and foremost, it allows us to focus on those causes that are most important to our employees, encouraging them in their efforts to make our communities better places to live and work.  Secondly, the 100% match doubles the monetary support given to worthwhile causes across the U.S.

We hope to see our U.S. employees take advantage of this new program.  While we are not the first company to launch a matching gift program, we do believe that together, we can be the “match” that lights the fire to give to our communities and those in need.