Helping People Matters to Alicia Matos
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Helping People Matters to Alicia Matos

“I love helping people. I’ve always been like that,” says SYKES DeLand agent Alicia Matos.

Having a helping heart for as long as she can remember, Alicia was working part-time in retail sales but was looking for something more rewarding – a workplace where she could grow and find a home for her positive, empathetic disposition. She found that opportunity at SYKES.

Apprehensive at first, Alicia was able to overcome her own nervousness on top of her family’s doubts about the position.

“I have family members who’ve been in call centers and they were really against me even applying. It just really got me nervous. But I’m not nervous anymore. I feel comfortable and confident in myself.”

Alicia attributes her growth and success to the support and environment she has found at SYKES.

“I love the environment and they do so much here. SYKES has really good coaches. And we’re all like a family, so you feel comfortable going to them asking for help. We’re always there for each other. If we see someone else not performing as well, we all really come together and try to make sure that everyone’s doing their best.”


“Helping my customers and coworkers really makes my day. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good with my life.”


Be it customer or coworker, Alicia has gone from anxious assistant to confident coach. She has become more comfortable trusting her abundant empathy to really connect with and support everyone she interacts with, always making it a point to let them know she’s there and she cares. Alicia’s uplifting and helpful nature was even cited when she was chosen as Subject Matter Expert for her new hire class.

“Helping my customers and coworkers really makes my day. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good with my life.”

Alicia may be offering digital customer support at SYKES, but for her it’s all about the human connection.

“We’re really empathetic and supportive for whoever we’re helping. Getting that ‘Thanks so much for your help’ and being able to solve problems makes me happy. I’m really happy here and see myself here for a long time.”

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