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Industry Expertise Boosts Effectiveness of the Service Experience in Healthcare

The digital disruption in healthcare is here. The advent of MACRA, the shift to merit-based pay and other factors have not only changed patient expectations, but also affected how providers communicate with patients. Greater emphasis on the quality of care rather than quantity is driving physicians and companies to find more ways to better engage consumers. Pair that with the ...
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Sykes Healthcare Patient Experience

Open Enrollment: 3 Ways the Member Care Experience Affects Conversion & Retention Rates

Open Enrollment is just around the corner which means that your staff is probably preparing for it as you read this. During last year’s open enrollment period, many health insurance companies experienced issues with their customer service that negatively impacted member retention and conversion rates. Prospective and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the complicated enrollment process ...
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Healthcare Customer Service 2018 - SYKES

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during last year's third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process ...
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Optimizing the Outcome-Based Model for Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is gradually shifting the focus of the healthcare industry. Changes in the reimbursement process are driving companies to use an outcome-based model instead of more traditional reactive approaches. Health and Human Services set a goal to apply half of Medicare payments to value-based alternative payment models, like accountable care organizations, by 2018. This will drive ...
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Care Coaching Helps People Change Behaviors for Healthy Lifestyles

A patient-centered approach to care coaching is based on a primary coach model where the same coach manages the person’s case from start to finish. A dedicated coach is able to build a trusted relationship with the person over time augmented with motivational inputs that help people stay on track with their plan to change behaviors, such as quitting smoking, ...
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Making it Work: Telehealth Insights for ATA

Early last May, SYKES joined over 250 exhibitors at the largest ATA (American Telemedicine Association) conference to date. For many thought leaders within the Telehealth and Telemedicine fields, the ATA  conference provides the perfect opportunity to participate in the evolution of healthcare, as leading innovators and cutting-edge technologies come together to expand access to primary and specialty care as well ...
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Thoughts on Engaging with your Healthcare Team

If you were born after 1979 you probably don’t know who the first “10” was.  It was Bo Derek in the movie 10, and in the movie she was beautiful, thin and fairly perfect on the outside.  Actually, don’t ask yourself if you are a 10 from that perspective, but if you were to rate your health on a scale of 1-10, ...
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MTM Plays a Critical Role in Improving Patient Outcome and Reducing Healthcare Costs

If ACOs are guided to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs (unnecessary readmissions, treatment complications, etc) then the pharmacists’ provision of Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, is a vital component. What is Medication Therapy Management? MTM is an emerging, personalized appointment service provided by pharmacists that optimizes therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. These services may include (but are not limited ...
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