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What Gets Measured Gets Managed

With our internal launch of OneView only two weeks away, we’ve decide to give everyone a quick preview into one of our most anticipated products to date.

(YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjm7uYM73sc)

What is OneView?
OneView is an ipad application designed to give its users a comprehensive view into their business operations. Serving as a tool for transparency, this content delivery platform provides a high level, performance overview of each client account, that can be broken down and segmented by line of business, site location, leadership, and agent personnel.

Our internal teams can use this centralized view to manage key performance indicators, and receive insights into business trends, best practices, and newsworthy content regarding both the client and SYKES.

With a mobile dashboard in hand, our teams are no longer confined to a desk. Site level leadership can walk the floors confidently, equipped with the agent information & KPIs needed to make strategic decisions on the go. No matter where you are, OneView gives you the insight you need, when you need it!