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The Best Problem Solvers Don’t Always Make the Best People Pleasers

The idea that problem solving and people pleasing are mutually exclusive skills is yet another example of conventional wisdom overriding data. It should never be a question of one or the other. For example, while bedside manner is important, you wouldn't want a pleasant but incompetent doctor managing your care. Likewise, you should make sure your customer service agents are intelligently resolving issues while simultaneously maintaining ...
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exceptional customer experience with apple support

An Exceptional Customer Experience

As a Director of Product Management and Digital Services, I live at the crossroads of Social Media Customer Care and Customer Experience (and major dog lover…but that’s not important for the purposes of this post).  So it’s fair to say that I see the good, the bad, and the ugly with social media care day in and day out. It’s ...
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Unintended Consequences of Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising spend is at an all-time high and it’s expected to rise, possibly even double, by the year 2020 (The CMO Survey). Let's all stop for one minute and drop it like it's hot because 5 years ago there is no way that the Executive team would have even listened to a pitch about spending money on social ...
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New Trends in Customer Service Metrics: Making the Shift

As financial services institutions attempt to move closer to customers to improve their experience and satisfaction, many are making the move from traditional CSAT to NPS or CES as their metric of choice. Measuring the Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) asks about a customer’s level of satisfaction for whatever issue they experienced today. This metric is based on asking a ...
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