A Day in the Life: Quinton McBride
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A Day in the Life: Quinton McBride

He spent eight years in the U.S. Army, and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. A member of the 82nd Airborne, he completed 38 certified jumps.

But one of the things Quinton McBride is most proud of is completing his certification to become a trainer at SYKES.

“I went through a week-long course. It was very intense. I had some real long nights about learning the proper way to teach. Because they don’t want us to teach, they want us to facilitate.”

One of Quinton’s challenges was learning not to talk. “They teach us the 80-20 rule, which means you get the trainees to talk 80 percent of the time and you, as the instructor, only talk 20 percent. I’m kind of the reverse of that, and I had to figure out a way to get myself out of that.”

“Quinton is living proof that if you have discipline, drive and determination, everything is possible.”
– Anthony Williams, training manager and Quinton’s supervisor

Quinton did it. Today he is a top performing trainer at the Kingstree, South Carolina call center. More than 96 percent of his trainees graduate and go on to successfully become agents.

Besides not talking so much, he’s added a few tricks of his own. “I try to keep trainees really interested and engaged. I involve them with games, and I usually let them play charades. Anything to keep them from being bored and to help them learn the curriculum.”

He stresses the importance of his job, transforming new hires into communication gurus. “If the training isn’t exciting, if they’re not learning, they don’t want to be here.” Quinton makes sure trainees have the knowledge they need to take their first calls. And, he lets them know they have his support. “I let those agents know, ‘hey, you’ve got this, and I’m going to help you.’ And that makes a person feel a whole lot better about going out there, getting on the phone and talking to customers.”

Quinton knows what that’s like too. He started as an agent himself. “For me, I came straight out of the Army. I took a phone call and I was like, ‘this is not the Army!’”

He enjoyed being an agent, but was also itching to move up. When he was in training he was inspired by guest speakers from SYKES who spoke about how they had moved up in a company that offered endless possibilities. “I took everything I learned in the training room, and I went out there and I started learning everything about this job, and showed them what I could do.”

Quinton quickly advanced, getting promoted to a resolution support agent, subject matter expert and then trainer. The three promotions occurred in just a little more than one year.

He says his reward is helping others. He recalls one example. “I had a new hire who was really struggling. She just wasn’t getting it. She couldn’t sell. And she was ready to quit. So, we’d sit after work, and I’d help her. I gave her extra activities and coaching. When she finally started on the phones she sold five Direct TVs in the first two days. It was incredible.”

That’s the kind of supportive approach that has helped Quinton – and the agents he trains – succeed. It’s proof of his ability to help people, one caring interaction at a time.

“I can help you get through the call,” he says. “If you’re having problems, and you’ve got yourself in a jam, I’m right there.”


Quinton McBride At-A-Glance

Started at SYKES: 2006

Position Then: Agent

Position Now: Certified Trainer

Current Duties: Trains and inspires new agents, helping them learn how to deliver great service and succeed.

Hobbies: Hang out with his wife and four children, riding ATVs and go-carts