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Customer Service – Wherefore art Thou?

We’ve all been there…too many times, on the other end of a customer service call gone wrong. As a consumer, I quickly tire of the scripted, customer service representatives who transfer me from one department to the next, pushing products that are irrelevant to my issue.

In fact, my expectations have gradually declined to the point that I am shocked into momentary silence when I receive a warm, heart-felt greeting, or a simple, off the script remark. After recovering from the initial shock of being treated like a valued human being, I am usually filled with gratitude and the need to hug someone. Why is it that good customer service these days seems to be as scarce as hen’s teeth?

In a world where self-service is king, it’s a huge relief to have an immediate need addressed by a person who sounds less like the automated machines you are trying to avoid and more like someone who cares.

With so many great companies failing to get it right, customer service has become a real competitive advantage for businesses determined to be contenders. Achieving the desired level of customer satisfaction requires time and resources. Can you afford to shift your focus from your core business? Get it right the first time and consider outsourcing to a partner in the field that can help you balance business needs and cost – while creating a meaningful customer experience.

Look out for my next post on effective outsourcing!