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Contact Center Design: Components of a Positive Workplace

When you think of a contact center, what do you picture?

Healthy? Comfortable? Vibrant?  Technologically advanced? Probably not.

Contact centers typically bring to mind an image of crowded rows of stressed-out employees handing issues and complaints.

positive-workplace-3-300x199Contact centers, however, are not what they used to be.  The services that are being provided are becoming more sophisticated as more and more of the routine needs are being handled through IVRs, web sites and Apps. With the increased sophistication of the services and less transactional and routine calls, companies need to provide employees with an office environment that better supports their success and job satisfaction. Work at home options also attract and help retain talented and loyal employees.

So what are the components of a positive workplace?  Ergonomics and wellness are at the forefront. Ergonomic chairs are a start. Adjustable height desks also allow the employees to stand vs. sitting all of the time. Walking paths to use during lunch and breaks provide the opportunity for employees to stretch their legs and be active, and comfortable cafes and lounges allow them to relax, catch up on personal things and socialize.  Lighting is another important factor. Windows and direct sunlight along with intelligent, low voltage solutions with reflective lightning that adapts to shifts and sunlight minimizes stress on the eyes and creates an energy efficient comfortable environment.

Video conferencing and sophisticated training solutions allow for communications beyond the center to other centers and employees performing similar roles. Trainers can train employees from other locations. Managers can manage employees from other locations, and more …