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A Desk Job? This Active Vet Found One to Love at SYKESHome

I never thought I’d like a desk job.

You see, I’m someone who thrives on action. I spent a decade in the U.S. Army, where I traveled the world, got in great shape, and bonded deeply with my fellow soldiers.

After I got out of the Army, I worked in the warehouse of a book and printing company. But somewhere along the way, I developed degenerative arthritis in my back and knees. About a year ago, the pain became too much to bear. I quit my job and decided to move back home to southern Missouri, where I could help care for my aging mother and find a new career.

The prospect of starting over at almost 50 proved daunting. I worked odd jobs here and there, but I needed steady income and work that didn’t tax my body so much. I looked around, but my hometown just didn’t offer many opportunities that didn’t involve manual labor.

I considered enrolling in the local community college and getting an IT degree. But the stress of going back to school, given my health issues, was a concern. I talked this over with my vocational rehabilitation counselor, who let me know about the work-from-home opportunities at SYKESHome. It seemed a perfect fit!

I could work from home on my computer – no lifting, lugging or lunging required. A desk never looked so good! My aching back and knees could finally get a rest.

I was able to interview, test and train for my current position from my home. It was amazing. Once hired, I chose a part-time schedule so I could have enough time off to care for my mother but still receive a steady paycheck.

There are so many things I love about working at SYKESHome. With no commute, my gas bill and other car expenses have plummeted. The money I save goes toward medicine or things we need around the house.

The job itself is so rewarding. Every day, I get to help people solve their problems. And if I need to, I can take a quick break and stretch my knees and back.

SYKESHome has given me the freedom I’ve been searching for all these years. I never imagined I could be so happy working from home, but it’s the perfect match for me.

I tell every veteran I know about SYKESHome and encourage them to take a look – especially those who return home injured and are worried they won’t be productive members of society. I know, because that’s what I was feeling.

I didn’t want to sit around all day. I wanted to make a difference. SYKESHome gives me that chance.

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