Insurance Business Process Outsourcing BPO - SYKES

When Should You Use Licensed Agents Over Brokers?

If you’re like most insurance agencies, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to reach new customers. From billboards and newspaper ads and club sponsorships and car decals, extending an agency’s influence is one of the best ways to attract new policyholders. After all, the first step in the customer lifecycle is brand recognition and attraction! Advertising is ...
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Customer Experience Journey in 2017 - SYKES

How the Changing Customer Journey Will Change Marketing

Your business is about to change dramatically. You might not realize it yet, but the canary in the coal mine is already choking in anticipation. An increased expectation for a great customer experience when interacting with a brand is driving a tsunami of change through companies in every industry across the world. Think for a moment about how your customers ...
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Global Sales Support Solutions - SYKES

The ROI of Customer Service: How to Build a Strong Service to Sales Strategy

Historically, a company’s sales team has been thought of as a part of its profit center. With a singular focus on selling, these individuals have been a driving force for revenue creation; their efforts and subsequent outcomes can be closely connected to profits. The old paradigm of looking at sales as being solely responsible for revenue generation used to be ...
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Customer Support Consolidation - SYKES

6 Steps for Successful Customer Support Consolidation

If you're considering consolidating local customer support into a more efficient, centralised service, you're probably on the lookout for successful consolidation strategies. After all, smooth transitions aren't easy — they need a lot of careful planning. While the consolidation process can cause chaos in an organisation, the right plan can prevent and mitigate that. These internal strategies are necessary to ...
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Single Regional vs. In-Country Customer Support Centers - SYKES

Single Regional vs. In-Country Support Centres: Which Works Best for European Customer Service?

Many large companies believe in-country customer support centres are best for serving local customers. But the truth is getting too local can hurt the overall customer experience for international brands. Local operations established individually by local leadership don't always fit how things are run in the company at large. Consolidated customer support can resolve this issue. Just what is Consolidation? Customer ...
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Simplicity: The Art of Turning Customers into Raving Fans

I saw a guy jogging near my home recently. That’s not unusual, but this runner had an enormous Nike ‘swoosh’ tattooed prominently on the back of one of his calves alongside race distances he has completed. Given that the marathon distance (26.2 miles) was not even close to being his longest race, it looked to me like he must be ...
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Healthcare Customer Service 2018 - SYKES

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during last year's third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process ...
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Customer Support Consolidation Services - SYKES

Three Signs Customer Support Consolidation Is Right for Your Business

When it comes to serving customers, multiple in-country support centers can be the enemy of consistency and efficiency. And the solution to local support centers? Consolidation. If you’re not sure that consolidation is right for your business, be on the lookout for these three issues. 1. Customer Service Practices Are Inconsistent Across the Region If there's a lack of intra-regional collaboration, you're probably ...
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Customer Experience from Digital Support Channels - SYKES

Are Your Customers Getting an Optimal Experience Across Digital Support Channels?

Customers want easy and fast answers. Where they turn to obtain support will vary based on a variety of factors. These include individual preferences, support channel availability and the perceived or realized effort involved in getting a resolution. With the use of chat, social media care, and email support on the rise, one thing remains clear: Brands that effectively digitize the customer ...
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Work at Home Call Center Solutions - SYKES

How Working From Home Is Transforming American Industry And Jobs

Imagine how your business would be transformed if you could ignore the limitations of geography and just hire the best people wherever they are located. Imagine if you could access a talent pool that spans the globe, not just the neighborhood close to your office. Imagine how your business could perform if you removed the limitations of geography and turned ...
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Social Media Customer Care Support Services - SYKES

Social Media: Harnessing The Power Of Global Conversation

The days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on laborious market research are over. Through social media and data analytics, businesses are given a powerful, proprietary platform to better understand analysts, thought leaders, industry experts and prospective clients. It might sound too good to be true, but that's the reality of today's social media landscape. Even better? These platforms — especially Twitter, ...
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Why Barranquilla Should Be Home For Your Next Contact Center

Let’s talk shop today. Let’s talk about other great places to build your next call center besides the USA, Manila, and Costa Rica. I bet the name, Barranquilla doesn’t pop into your held first, does it? We are here to tell you that if you aren’t considering Barranquilla as your next destination then you are missing a big win for ...
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Successful customer engagement experience tips - SYKES

Extra Time Doesn’t Always Make Customers Happier

In our culture, we show someone we care by giving our time — that's one reason homemade cookies tend to be appreciated more than a box of store-bought ones. Unsurprisingly, this philosophy has spilled over into customer service. Many companies are willing to give customers any amount of time necessary in the hope of increased customer satisfaction. But does it really work? And is ...
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Fixing FCR and CSAT Discrepancies - SYKES

The Best Problem Solvers Don’t Always Make the Best People Pleasers

The idea that problem solving and people pleasing are mutually exclusive skills is yet another example of conventional wisdom overriding data. It should never be a question of one or the other. For example, while bedside manner is important, you wouldn't want a pleasant but incompetent doctor managing your care. Likewise, you should make sure your customer service agents are intelligently resolving issues while simultaneously maintaining ...
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Customer Service Experience - SYKES

Let’s Talk About Bots, Baby.

Artificial intelligence may sound like something out of science fiction, but the truth is we're already using AI in everyday business. We recently sat down with our social media expert and Director of Global Digital Solutions Sarah Grace McCandless to talk about how these “bots” are changing the customer service experience. What role is artificial intelligence playing in the customer service ...
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Quality Assurance and CSAT - SYKES

Does Great Quality Assurance Always Translate to a Better Customer Experience?

Experts in many fields, including customer service, can make the mistake of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions that don't actually work for every problem. These panaceas tend to be driven by two main factors: common sense and conventional wisdom. When common sense and conventional wisdom aren't supported by hard data, however, those strategies need to be revised. Always keep in mind that ...
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Customer Satisfaction Strategy Tips - SYKES

Prioritizing Unhappiest Customers May Be Costing You

The most universal rule of effective customer service strategy is that it is people focused, but data driven. When it comes to qualitative data, that usually takes the form of customer satisfaction survey results. With the popular five-box model of customer satisfaction, customers are separated into the following groups: “very satisfied” (top), “satisfied,” “neutral,” “dissatisfied” and “very dissatisfied” (bottom). We'll ...
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Leveraging Alternate Contact Center Support Channels - SYKES

Leveraging Alternate Support Channels

Technical support doesn't need to stick to the traditional phone model; alternate methods of reaching customers may be a more efficient use of your business's funds and workforce. We'll look at how leveraging alternate support channels can help your business. The calls-only method of support requires longer time spent per ticket than newer alternatives, such as live chat, which means that ongoing costs spent ...
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Quality Monitoring Forms for Customer Service Experience - SYKES

Quality Monitoring Misses the Mark

It's common knowledge that human interaction isn't a rigid binary; conversations are nuanced. For a conversation to be successful — in that both parties walk away satisfied with what just transpired — the pair conducting it needs to display a degree of empathy. There needs to be some positive feedback letting the other person know that you understand what's being said. That's why scripted conversations sound so ...
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intelligently optimizing support channels

Intelligently Optimizing Support Channels

Many businesses aren’t clear as to what good digital support entails, with only vague notions about lowering costs and improving customer experience. Their focus is instead on implementing a platform that gives them the best return on investment, which is measured in money (and time) saved. These businesses often also make the mistake of introducing digital support platforms — such ...
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