SYKES Awarded Partner of the Year

Award Type Industry
Awarded By Technology Leader
Year Awarded 2017

A leading technology company awarded SYKES their 2017 Partner of the Year at its annual Partner Summit. SYKES out-performed several major industry competitors in multiple categories to receive this coveted award from our partner, which provides financial management solutions that simplify the business of life for consumers, small businesses and accounting professionals. SYKES supports the company’s small business customers at our locations in DeLand, Florida, Wise, Virginia and Provo, Utah.

“It was hard-earned and we are super proud of the operational excellence we have consistently delivered, especially in this year of significant change and major growth across enterprise businesses for our partner company,” said Hilary Hahn, vice president of customer experience innovation at SYKES. The team was also recognized for its high-quality management and effective preparedness and quick response during Hurricane Irma. Hahn expressed thanks to SYKES employees and leaders for striving to be the best, specifically recognizing Executive Director Steve Asma, team leader and operational chief since SYKES began serving this brand partner in 2012, along with Todd McReynolds, SYKES Vice President of Area Operations. Other operations leaders who played key roles in this success include our Line of Business Directors Lisa Cowsert, Rachel Gosselin, Jay Kraschinsky, Sterling Turley and Bill Rose.