Hailed as Top Employer of the Year

Award Type Industry
Awarded By 10th Asia CEO Awards
Year Awarded 2019

SYKES Asia took top honors at the 10th Asia CEO Awards as Top Employer of the Year. The team was recognized for continuing to provide global opportunities to its employees and aspiring employees and for its success as an employer promoting management achievement, workplace enhancement, international recognition, talent development, social commitment and — most importantly — work-life balance.

“SYKES Asia has quietly and steadily built its operations and people in the Philippines over a long period. It was the first multinational call center to set up operations in 1997 and is considered an important pioneer for the important industry. While keeping a low profile, they have consistently achieved stellar relationships with their loyal employees.

“Congratulations to grand winner, SYKES Asia and the Circle of Excellence awardees of the Kalibrr Top Employer of the Year Award,” said award officials. The Asia CEO Awards is the largest business awards event in the Philippines, one of Asia’s most elite global growth centers.