Bo Young

Bo Young

Exec. Director, Customer Analytics – Sykes Enterprises
Bo Young leads the Analytics and Customer Experience efforts for SYKES, focusing on creating an environment that constructs the optimal experience for each Customer engagement. With more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in Marketing, Branding and Market Research, Bo leads a Global Team that performs Customer Experience studies. These studies combine advanced call listening strategies and a proprietary data collection tool, allowing for industry leading work in Customer Experience enhancement. Based in Tampa, Florida, Bo draws on his Senior Level experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, eCommerce and Hospitality


The Customer Journey is talked about fairly frequently in today’s business world and we find our time being consumed by the data surrounding it and the impacts that it has on customers and businesses. There is no argument that the Customer Journey is important but what about the Service Journey? What is the Service Journey and where does it come into play? Take a look at our slide share that dives into the identification and importance of the Service Journey and the impact it has on customers.

Key Takeaways

+ The difference between the Service Journey & Customer Journey
+ Learn the 4 key components of the Service Journey
+ Understand the value it has on your brand
+ Discover complexities that can arise during a service journey