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Our comprehensive network of over 20 contact centres throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region serves our clients and their customers in their chosen language.

Few outsourcers can provide the in-country and regional coverage provided by SYKES in EMEA. Our regional footprint and service portfolio addresses the needs of major international and domestic companies in the Telecommunications, Financial Services and Technology sectors and every solution is tailored to our clients’ needs, enabling them to outsource a task or a complete business process.

SYKES’ focus on Operational Excellence assures high quality in everything we do. And client tenure is testament to this, and to our flexibility in meeting changing conditions in today’s fast-moving and complex world.

Leading businesses need an outsourcer that really adds value – as our clients know. Our people, processes and technology delight our clients and are the envy of our competitors!
SYKES professionally manages the customer experience through multi-channel exchanges that enable you to stand out from the crowd. We support your customers - answering their needs and projecting your company values and culture.

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