Work at home for healthcare-SYKES

Busted: 3 Common Myths About Work-at-Home Services in the Healthcare Industry

Many healthcare companies won’t consider work-at-home solutions because of perceived concerns around security, HIPAA compliance and the ability to source qualified talent. While these are all important issues, it’s time to set the record straight, as misconceptions can keep healthcare companies from taking advantage of all viable options for solving difficult skills, staffing, cost and service challenges. Considering the complex ...
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Medical Device Support Case Study - SYKES

Industry Expertise Boosts Effectiveness of the Service Experience in Healthcare

The digital disruption in healthcare is here. The advent of MACRA, the shift to merit-based pay and other factors have not only changed patient expectations, but also affected how providers communicate with patients. Greater emphasis on the quality of care rather than quantity is driving physicians and companies to find more ways to better engage consumers. Pair that with the ...
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How Enterprise Technology Companies Benefit from SYKES Tech Academy

Recently, it seems every time you turn around another breach or hack is threatening thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of consumers’ online financial security. That’s why it’s more critical than ever to manage the secure flow of data across the complex networks that enable customer transactions. Even more important are the engineers who monitor networks and provide technical support ...
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Sykes Healthcare Patient Experience

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2019 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during the 2016 third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process itself as well ...
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Applying AI to Sales Conversion Changes the Customer Journey in a Digital World

The rapid growth of digital technologies over the last few years has created a different type of customer, one that spends more time online via mobile and social media. We recognize in our own lives that we are spending more and more time on the Internet, mobile devices and social media, and this is affecting how we interact as consumers ...
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Enhancing Patient Experience - SYKES

5 Keys for Enhancing Patient Experience in a Value-Based World

In the healthcare world, there is a paradigm shift toward a value-based system that places the patient at the center of all healthcare decisions. The new mantra for patient care is better, smarter and healthier. Patient-experience metrics play a key role in tracking the value-based metrics used to assess a medical system. It is therefore not surprising that 54 percent ...
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- Enterprise Technical Support - SYKES

3 keys to building world-class, small business and enterprise technical support

A host of factors are placing unprecedented pressure on enterprise customer-support operations today. As products and services become more complex — think unified communications and IoT devices — the modern enterprise’s habits, service requirements, and expectations have radically changed. Faced with these challenges, many leading companies are looking to understand the complexity of today’s environment and then conceptualize, architect, implement, ...
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Live Chat Customer Support - SYKES

Are Your Employees Ready for a Chat: How to Excel at Mobile Chat Before the Holiday Season Hits

The holidays will soon be here, and companies all around the world will need to do more than just prepare with decorations and increase their inventories. Plan to take things a step further by coaching your employees on how to chat with customers, either in-person or over the phone. If you don’t show your staff how to handle mobile chat ...
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- Customer Service Training for better results - SYKES

5 Ways to Reimagine Customer-Service Training to Reap Better Business Results

Thanks to millennials, the dark ages of death by PowerPoint are nearly over. But while the digital generation is the trigger, the current renaissance in training design is solidly based on science and driven by the realities of business. All humans learn better by doing. This isn’t a news flash. We know this from decades of scientific research. But what’s ...
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Secure Work at Home Business Model - SYKES

5 Technology Advances Creating a More Secure Work at Home Business Model

In my last article, I described how working from home is transforming American industry and jobs. This is no idle claim. The single largest demographic group in the US labor force is now the millennial, with very different expectations regarding the flexibility an employer should offer to their employees. In addition to changing employee expectations, there are several business and ...
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Self Service Technology - SYKES

How to Do Self-Service the Right Way

Self-Service: The New Battlefield Gartner, an American research and advisory firm, has predicted that this year will be a tipping point when customer experience becomes more important to consumers than even products and services. Are you taking steps to embrace this new retail battlefield? Currently, 40 percent of consumers prefer self service over speaking to a person, and 70 percent ...
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Customer Management Outsourcing - SYKES

Customer Management Outsourcing Can Fix Your Top 5 Pain Points

Today, customer facing activities such as customer service, order management, and technical support are more important than ever. But managing these activities to a level that consistently satisfies customers and creates advocates is getting more complex as needs, preferences, and access to information evolve. With so much on the line for your brand, engaging the expertise of a seasoned and ...
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- Customer Support Solution - SYKES

The 7 Benefits of Partnering with a Customer Support Provider

Here’s the simple truth: The way customer service, inbound sales services, and technical support have been approached in the past simply won’t cut it with today’s busy customers — or tomorrow’s. Considering that internal customer contact centers can be inhibited by things like infrastructure limitations, Sr. executives’ positioning, and whether customer support is viewed as an economic benefit or drain, ...
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Insurance Business Process Outsourcing BPO - SYKES

When Should You Use Licensed Agents Over Brokers?

If you’re like most insurance agencies, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to reach new customers. From billboards and newspaper ads and club sponsorships and car decals, extending an agency’s influence is one of the best ways to attract new policyholders. After all, the first step in the customer lifecycle is brand recognition and attraction! Advertising is ...
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Customer Experience Journey in 2017 - SYKES

How the Changing Customer Journey Will Change Marketing

Your business is about to change dramatically. You might not realize it yet, but the canary in the coal mine is already choking in anticipation. An increased expectation for a great customer experience when interacting with a brand is driving a tsunami of change through companies in every industry across the world. Think for a moment about how your customers ...
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Global Sales Support Solutions - SYKES

The ROI of Customer Service: How to Build a Strong Service to Sales Strategy

Historically, a company’s sales team has been thought of as a part of its profit center. With a singular focus on selling, these individuals have been a driving force for revenue creation; their efforts and subsequent outcomes can be closely connected to profits. The old paradigm of looking at sales as being solely responsible for revenue generation used to be ...
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Customer Support Consolidation - SYKES

6 Steps for Successful Customer Support Consolidation

If you're considering consolidating local customer support into a more efficient, centralized service, you're probably on the lookout for successful consolidation strategies. After all, smooth transitions aren't easy — they need a lot of careful planning. While the consolidation process can cause chaos in an organization, the right plan can prevent and mitigate that. These internal strategies are necessary to ...
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Single Regional vs. In-Country Customer Support Centers - SYKES

Single Regional vs. In-Country Support Centres: Which Works Best for European Customer Service?

Many large companies believe in-country customer support centres are best for serving local customers. But the truth is getting too local can hurt the overall customer experience for international brands. Local operations established individually by local leadership don't always fit how things are run in the company at large. Consolidated customer support can resolve this issue. Just what is Consolidation? Customer ...
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Simplicity: The Art of Turning Customers into Raving Fans

I saw a guy jogging near my home recently. That’s not unusual, but this runner had an enormous Nike ‘swoosh’ tattooed prominently on the back of one of his calves alongside race distances he has completed. Given that the marathon distance (26.2 miles) was not even close to being his longest race, it looked to me like he must be ...
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Healthcare Customer Service 2018 - SYKES

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key for 2018 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is just around the corner for consumers which means that preparing your staff for the event should be taking place as you read this. Many health insurance companies saw issues with customer service during last year's third quarter open enrollment period. During this time, new and returning members came to insurers with questions about both the enrollment process ...
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